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Friends of dizzygirl


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Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting. I'm a friend of dizzygirl. SHe has been admitted to the hospital. SHe is doing better but will be in maybe a coulpe more days. She has has some really bad POTSY days. SHe will email everyone when she comes home. I wanted to let everyone know. Let's say lots of prayers for her. Thank you.

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Thanks for telling us. Tell dizzygirl we hope she feels better soon.


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Guest Julia59

I'm so sorry to hear that---tell you she is in my thoughts and prayers.

Please keep us posted on her condition---I have been worried about her as I know how bad she has been feeling.

Give her a BIG HUG for me,

Julie :0)

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hi binky,

thank you so much for letting us know. we often are so worried where people are!!!

can you tell her that i'm very sorry that she's in hospital and that i hope she will be soon feeling well enough to go back home?!

warm wishes to you dizzy, and consider yourself lucky to have a good friend!!!

corina :)

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thanks so much for letting us know. as others have said we tend to worry a bit when regulars don't post for a few days. obviously i'm sorry the lin is in the hospital but hope that they're at least helping a little.

linda -

i'm sending lots of hugs & prayers & love & smiles & good thoughts your way.

B) melissa

p.s. to em -

dizzy's dr. grubb appt was last week. she posted when she got back to let us know she was home safe & about a rough night she'd had though not details of the appt (but said she felt good about it. the thread is:


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Binky~~~~ thank you so much for posting for me!!! your a sweetheart!! Love ya girlfriend!!

To all my potsy pals ( you too binky!) thank you so very much for your guys support and well wishes. it truly means alot to me.. and really gave me alift to see all of the responses.. and kind words...

I will post on a new topic about my hospital stay and such.. and my visit w/ dr.grubb...

thanks again guys!!

Love and hugs right back to ya all!!


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