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Things looking up


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Well hello everyone, I haven't been on very much in the last week or so, so much going on here.

First off, my son had his MRI, the results came back good, the shadows are sists, but beign(?). The doctor just wants a x-ray in 4 months just to make sure they aren't getting bigger. If so, they will have to come out, but for the time being they are going to just watch them.

My husband went in for surgery, he had to have tubes put in his ears for drainage. He had lost almost all of his hearing, finally he is on the low side of normal hearing after testing. They also had a biopsy on his sinus, that hasn't come back yet, but the doctor was hopeful.

I went to see Dr. Fouad, she updated my medicaine and put me on Florinef everyday, and OMG, what a difference I see already. I can go up and down my stairs, without gasping for air, and heart really racing. I can almost say I feel human.

My husband and I picked up another route to deliver, we are up to over 400 daily and 600 weekends, luckily he delivers though the week, and I only have to help on the weekends. It is so nice sleeping in. Well only till 6:30, but that is better than 5:00.

I just wanted to let everyone know how well I'm doing. I can't believe it.

I hope everyone is doing good, or have better days ahead, specially with the holidays right around the corner.

I'm just now freeting to get the shopping done, well hopefully before Christmas.

Good luck all, and hope everyone is doing well.

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YEAH!! :)

tracy i am so happy for you!!! i'm glad that things are starting to look up for you! and that you are feeling better.. it great to hear one of our fellow potsy pals are feeling good!!

its encouraging!!

HUGS to ya girl!


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Tracy, thank goodness your son's lesions were just cysts! What a sigh of relief you must have breathed that day!!!

I'm glad to hear all your good news :) Nina

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I just want to thank all of you. Maybe this year will end on a good note. And hopefully next year is better than this one was.

Yes, I was so relieved about my son. Just hope they don't grow any bigger. It is nice to be on an upswing for once.

Hope all of you are going for an upswing too.

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Hi Tracy,

It's nice to hear someone's doing better. I hope your on your way to feeling better. I am a patient of Dr. Fouad also, she is so sweet! I see her on 12/30 for a follow-up appointment. She did all my testing. Is she going to see you on a long term basis? She told me she will see me untill I find a Dr. who will see me long term, as she dosn't normally see patients beyond initiial testing and diagnosis. I asked her for a referral to Dr. Grubb in Toledo.

We just went through a similiar thing with my 16 yr old son. He was having headaches quite frequently. The first MRI should cysts, and an atrophyed area. Very scarry. At his 6 month follow-up repeat MRI nothing was there! Here his braces in his mouth distorted origional MRI because of the metal and he was ok. That was such a blessing. Just thought I'd mention it cuz Cleveland Clinic didn't catch it during the first MRI. Sometimes they never ask if a kid has braces (there supposed to) and they interfer with image taken.

Have a Great Day!


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i am SO happy for you & will hope that things continue to be on the up & up....

thanks for sharing all of your good news with us!

:( melissa

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