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    I am a mother of three wonderful children, two girls and one boy. <br />I like to play pogo and I also like to read, that is when I have extra time.<br />I also involed with my children schools.

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  1. Well I have been absent for awhile. Lots going on, but coming back. Add another Ohio gal to the list. Born and raised outside of Youngstown. Also see Dr. Fouad in Cleveland.
  2. Happy belated Birthday. Hope it was a good day for you.
  3. I am so sorry, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Take good care of yourself.
  4. First I want to say, I hope things get better for you dizz, and Carmen. Dizz, have you caught some type of the flu, or a cold. My heart goes out to ya. I hope you get feeling better, and if you don't, maybe call the Doctor. Just hang in there, if your in the canyon, hopefully the only way is up. Good luck. Your in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Good luck first of all. They last time they put me under, was before I was diangosed with POTS, so there was nothing extra done, the only problem I had, was coming out of it. It took a long time for me to wake up and they put me back on oxygen to help. Afterwards though, I can't say I really had any problems. Just make sure they know your background with POTS, and all that good stuff. Again Good LUCK.
  6. I get shortness of breath also, when I got diangosed, they put me through a breathing test, to make sure the shortness of breath was caused by my lungs, and they found I have no problems with lung intake or outtake, so it is my POTS. My can come on at any time, but I do find it happens alot if my heart speeds up.
  7. I just wanted to add my good thoughts and prayers your way. My husband and I are just passed our 9 year ann. I know not all that long ago we were just one step away from ending it, but we made it through. Good luck and I hope things work out for you. My prayers are with you.
  8. I just want to thank all of you. Maybe this year will end on a good note. And hopefully next year is better than this one was. Yes, I was so relieved about my son. Just hope they don't grow any bigger. It is nice to be on an upswing for once. Hope all of you are going for an upswing too.
  9. Well hello everyone, I haven't been on very much in the last week or so, so much going on here. First off, my son had his MRI, the results came back good, the shadows are sists, but beign(?). The doctor just wants a x-ray in 4 months just to make sure they aren't getting bigger. If so, they will have to come out, but for the time being they are going to just watch them. My husband went in for surgery, he had to have tubes put in his ears for drainage. He had lost almost all of his hearing, finally he is on the low side of normal hearing after testing. They also had a biopsy on his sinus,
  10. Hello Rita, I have pots and I am on Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo. I was put on before I was diagnosed with Pots, but I had terrible cramps and it was extremely heavy. Even with it, the few days before my period would be the worst. I called Dr. Fouad and she put me on Florinef(?) for the week previous to my period. This has helped sooooo much. Now for the couple of days before and during are my best time of the month, (well besides having to deal with my period in general). I have a check up with Dr. Fouad on Monday, and I am going to check on continueing on Florinef daily, because it does make a di
  11. I was diagnosed with TMJ about 11 years ago. I can have tachy in just about any position. I have even had just laying at rest. Tracy
  12. Yep, sounds like me too. It is amazing how just the littlest things set it off and running.
  13. Welcome Had mine most of my life, really came out in 7 grade when I ran track, passed out a few times, heart rate high, all that good stuff. Good luck and agian welcome
  14. Terri Lynn, Just wanted to chime in and say Oh yes that sounds so much like alot of us on here. I am 29 and have a 7, 5,and 2 years olds. Being on meds has helped, and I go back for a check up on the 28th, I can't wait. Sorry you are going through so much, but atleast you have found some great people on here.
  15. Good Luck Your in my thoughts and prayers. Atleast your with a good doctor, and one which knows about POTS. Good luck again, you'll be in my thoughts tomorrow.
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