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My Birthday Tomorrow!


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Hi All.

Thought id let you all know its my birthday tomorrow. I will be 21! I really hope i feel better tomorrow as i want to enjoy the day. Its 7:45pm in the UK so im gonna go to sleep about 10.00 and hope i feel better in the morning.

Big day tommorow, i just dont think i can travel all over the place to collect cards and presents :)

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To both Baby Boy and Dizzy Dame!

Hope you have a good b-day

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I woudl make up a song but since I am so dizzy it would probably be all wrong. So I'll just wish a happy day and hope all those presents come your way!

Happy Birthday!

Stacey :-)

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Arrrrr. Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday, well appreciated. I had a decent day, although to start the day off i had trouble with my step dad, and got no present of my mom which caused alot of stress and arguments for a few hours. Its not that im ingreatful or anything, its the circumstances you see.

I didnt have a POTS free day, but i had a good day, my symptoms did ease of actually. Thank you all again and may this year be better then the rest (For some reason i think it will get worse but HEY!)

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just wanted to add in some extra happy 21st wishes, even if they are a bit late!

:) melissa

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