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  1. I just wanted to post one last time, although it will probably be censored. I came here looking for support for my 13-yr-old and myself. But, because one of the powers that be have decided to censor my opinions and support to someone here who was going through a troubling time along with her dysautonomia, which is worsened by stress, I feel I need to say goodbye. To my friends who have supported me and offered wonderful advice, and they know who they are, I say a big thank you and send a big hug. I have had a really bad POTS crash today, due to my overdoing it and from the emotional stress of feeling censored by my forum of hope, I'm glad I'm off to the cardiologist tomorrow. My son and I will get through this. I love him dearly, and will continue to seek the best of healthcare for us. I wish the same for EVERYONE here, even those who I have somehow offended and don't want me here. That's okay. I understand. I love you all and thank you again for sharing your experiences, good and bad, and for giving us advice. Love, Melly
  2. I can't take nadolol or imipramine because the low BP. I tried depakote for a while. It prevented my migraines, but it made my GI issues worse. That's why I'm being referred to a neuro. They're running out of options!! My primary called today and they have me set up for the neuro on the 17th of Nov. Thanks for the support, Melly
  3. While waiting for my primary to refer me to a neurologist (still hasn't happened), I got another migraine at night. So, in desperation, I gave the maxalt another try, even though it didn't help the first time. It made me have bradycardia and lots more premature beats. My heart rate didn't get out of the 40's for a while. Very strange. I usually go from 60's to 100's upon standing. Has anyone ever had this reaction to Maxalt? Thanks, Melly
  4. Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules before posting again. Michelle Sawicki
  5. Persephone, I'm sorry you're having the achy legs, but I'm glad someone finally posted on this. Yes, my son and I both have the painful legs,esp. knee down. On top of that, I have a strange reaction to certain meds (remeron and phenergan)that causes me to have restless leg syndrome. Hope you feel better. Melly
  6. Julie, I'm sorry you're hurting. I'm glad you're not facing surgery at this point, though. I hope you get some better answers soon. Melly
  7. Corina, I'm sorry for what you're going through. I wish I had some brilliant advice to give you on how to handle docs that put lies or "distortions of the truth" in your med records, but I don't really. My wonderful internist I saw before I moved told me to "start fresh" with any doc I saw or my son saw, because of the "anxiety" in my records. He said it should never be used and abused in my medical treatment for other non-related issues. Besides which, my other troubles CAUSED my anxiety, not to mention 3 and a half years worth of dumb docs. Of course, as soon as I moved and found a new primary, he asked me to sign over my med records!! I got my children's records in hand when we moved, and was shocked to see what was written in my oldest son's. He was recently diagnosed with POTS here, and I found "anxiety" written in his files. Please. This is a kid who goes to taekwondo tournaments and teaches little kids taekwondo, even when he's feeling bad!! Yeah, he really has anxiety. Yes, some docs are dumb. I say get out the paper shredder and take out of your records what you don't want anyone to see, and then take your records that are important to a new doc. And don't feed them anything they can run with, like former eating disorders!! I used to have anorexia years ago, and now would be considered anorexic at first glance because I can't gain any weight. But it isn't from self-imposed starvation; it's from inflammatory bowel issues and morning nausea. The rest of the day, I eat like a horse. So, take my internist's advice, and tell a new doc only what they need to hear to help you. Sorry for the long sermon, but this stuff makes me mad. You shouldn't have to stand for it. Melly
  8. Hi, Nina. I hope your sinus infection clears up soon. Gosh, you are doing so much, and battling med illness and the medical community at the same time!! How do you do it? You're an inspiration. I really would love to go back to work and graduate school, but don't see how I could right now. I can relate to your migraine issues. I am STILL waiting on my primary to refer me to a neuro. I'm sorry yours didn't have much help to offer you. Take care and don't push too hard!! Melly
  9. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for all of those who have been hurt by porn addiction, mental, physical, and sexual abuse by their spouses, boyfriends, or parents. It is a lifelong trauma that never "goes away", no matter how much therapy you've had. Morgan, thanks for "getting it". Porn is degrading to women . Period. Hugs, Melly
  10. Good luck, Hayley. I hope you get some answers and treatment options from your neurologist. Melly
  11. Hopeful Girl, I'm sorry that your life, too, has been affected by porn addiction. Don't feel alone. After my husband and I had our first child, I found his "stash" of hard-core pornographic tapes. I was shocked. He was raised in a strong Christian family, graduated from Bob Jones University, and had promised me when he asked me to marry him that he was not into that stuff. I asked because I had a small child at the time from a previous marriage and didn't want him around that. I later found out that he was a sex addict, that he frequented strip clubs on his first wife, and that he had been addicted to the porn tapes since he was young and had found his father's "stash" of magazines when he was a little boy. I am no prude, either, but I know that this affects people's marriages and small children if they were to find this sort of thing and not understand. It has been spoken about in my church. And, yes, the internet has made this even more accessible to everyone. It's one thing for a couple to view porn together, but it's cheating if one does it without their partner. It has also contributed to the inability for me to be intimate with my husband, among other things. Who wants to have sex with someone who can't be romantic and lies all of the time? He has learned from porn that women are objects to be used and they don't have feelings. I refuse for my sons to learn sex from a magazine or a video. You're a good mom to try so hard to build up your daughter's self-esteem. Lauren, thanks for the support. I couldn't get my husband to therapy. He says it's not a problem anymore, but he's lied so many times, I don't know if I could believe him anymore. Frankly, another country sounds like a good place for him to be!! We're trying to work through it. But if my children were older, I'd be gone!! Don't worry, though. We are talking some, and he understands I need for him to be more supportive of my illness. He's been asking around work this weekend about the cardiologist I'm seeing Wed. That really made me happy to hear that he was doing that. So, he either must care or he's afraid I'm going to leave. I was watching "Breaking Bonaduce" last night on VH1 and decided I didn't have it so bad. His wife's way more co-dependent than I am!! Boy, have we opened up a big can of worms with this thread!! Melly
  12. Morgan, you are not "bossy", just truthful. I thank everyone for their support. I actually felt stronger after reading Morgan's and others' posts. I used to feel so strong, independent, beautiful, and yes, sexy. I still get the glances. After reading so many of your posts, I have come to realize that my lack of sexual desire is not because of my illness, but perhaps because of who I am with. Women, too, can have a strong sexual drive, but if they are with a partner who isn't emotionally satisfying to them, it can be a real "turn off." I'm tired of my husband ignoring me when I'm talking to him or sharing my interests. I had such an incredible sex drive until I married him and felt like the proverbial "trophy wife". He flaunted me to his friends. I sometimes think he only married me for sex, which bothers me. A happy relationship is one that is fulfilled in ALL aspects of love. No longer will I let him affect my self-esteem. I am a great mother and a great friend. If he can't see that I'm a great wife, despite my illness, who needs him? As Cher once said, "I answer to two people: God and myself, in that order." Okay, sorry for the speech, I'm done. Melly
  13. Hi. I'm really glad you had a good experience. Melly
  14. My problem is that many of us who have either been misdiagnosed with anxiety or other mental illness or have anxiety along with our dysautonomia cannot "shake the label" of mental illness. When many (not all) healthcare personnel see a mental illness diagnosis in your chart, you are automatically treated differently in many cases. Symptoms or injuries not related to the "mental illness" dx somehow get attributed to the "mental illness". For instance, my very sick gallbladder was misdiagnosed as "GI problems associated with panic disorder". When my head was bashed into the side of a U-Haul truck this summer, the paramedic noted that I was taking depakote (for migraine prophylaxis) and Klonopin ( for vertigo spells and anxiety attributed to heart palps).He assumed that I must be bi-polar and had panic. He assumed I was having some sort of breakdown ( actually, I was having a C-spine injury, as later diagnosed via X-ray). The only reason he needed to know what meds I was taking was so that I didn't get anything mixed in my system with the meds I take that could cause a dangerous reaction. He had no right to try and diagnose me: He wasn't a doctor!! I also have a friend who does have panic disorder who had a massive MI after his chest pains were dismissed by the ER docs as panic-related. And my oldest son (now diagnosed with POTS) had his syncope and tachy originally misdiagnosed by a peds cardiologist as school-related anxiety. He somehow missed the fact that my son was homeschooled!! I apologize for my rambling and venting, but this subject of our symptoms being misdiagnosed as mental illness or our mental illness being the cause of ALL of our ailments really gets me going!! Peace,love, and better healthcare, Melly
  15. There are different causes of vertigo. For me, it seems to be related to my allergies. I have episodes every fall. My ENT explained that this can occur after many years of inner ear infections, as I've had. But, like I said, there are other causes. You should see an ENT. I'm sorry you are experiencing this. It's a miserable feeling. Klonopin helps me get through episodes. They usually subside within a few days for me. I hope your spins stop soon. Melly
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