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Let's talk about standing/active heart rate!


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I see a ton of topics and discussion around average resting rate and what's normal or not normal but I don't see much about average standing or active rate. What's yours?

Mine seems to have settled in the high 90s, low 100-115 depending on my activity. On thr high end especially if I'm using my arms a lot.

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I'm on a beta blocker, but

sitting: 70s-80s

standing, normal daily activities: 90s-115 or so

exercise (depending on what I'm doing): 130s-180s

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Resting / Sitting: 36-70*  Avg normal ~53  

Standing: 84-110 

Walking: 100-130

Intentional exercise: 125-175


*I feel best between 45-60; resting pulse does sometimes go ~70-90 but usually indicates my body's struggling, like last weekend when I was at a friend's house where humidity was thick and AC was off and I thought I was going to pass out. 


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Lying down 55 - 65

Sitting 70 - 85

Standing 100 - 130

Walking around, light housework 90 - 125

Edited: not sure how accurate this is.  I checked today and got 138 and 174 while walking outside (55 degrees outside).  I bought a heart rate monitor but it hasn't arrived yet!  So impatient!

Walking up stairs 160-180


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chiming in....resting upper 60's-80.

Standing 90's

Activity...even going up one flight of stairs 120's.

A few freakish times of 140's for no apparent reason.

Early on a jump from 60's to 120's just getting out of bed. I think pushing fluids helps. Over time this has calmed down some.


I certainly can relate to the laying there and trying to figure it all out. I ruminate about all my symptoms quite a bit at times.

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A normal resting HR is considered to be 60-100.  The more active you are, from standing, to walking to taking the stairs, the more your HR will go up.  I think most of my friends and family would have a lower resting and active HR than mine.  Mine is say 70-90 while sitting, 100-110 while standing, 110-120 while walking.  I also have an abnormal response to motion - so if I roll over in bed, for example, my HR increases a lot.  I think I have IST (inappropriate sinus tachycardia) in addition to POTS. But my doctors do not consider these numbers dangerous.  The target and maximum heart rates are a lot more than most of us experience (see link below).  That is why maybe why of us have a hard time getting treated. 

I focused a lot on my HR when I first developed POTS.  After 10+ years, I have learned not to think about it, unless really far out of the range, like 120 sitting down or 140 walking.


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Mine is 70 - 80 resting, 90 - 115 standing / walking short distances, and 120+ on an incline or doing any active exercise. But then I also have random high HR on bad days just from standing still. I feel unwell at 115 to 120 + though - tight in the chest, sore between my shoulder blades and very out of breath, as well as lightheaded. It makes it hard to exercise. I'm on fludrocortisone.

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That's a good point. Not much research on this subject at all. It never fails to amaze me by the lack of research in Dysautonomia in general. Such a simple thing to compare active HR and autonomic labs don't do it. Students could do this research. 

Another thing I'd like people to test is how long it take their HR to slow down. So they walk on a treadmill and get their HR to 150 and then slow down a minute. Get off the treadmill and lay down flat. How long will your HR return to that low resting HR?

Laying HR: 90-108

Sitting HR: 110-125

Stand HR: 135-155

Walking HR: 150-165

if I walked for 5 minutes straight and my HR went up to 165-175 range and then I sat down one min and then laid down it would take hours before my HR was 108 or less

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Now that I'm in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy....

Resting - 70-80

Sitting - 95-105 (sometimes as high as 115)

Standing/doing something basic while upright- 110-130

"Attack" - 135-150

Before pregnancy it was all slightly lower.

As for how long it takes to slow down... when I have an "attack", which comes on randomly, it lasts for about 15 minutes.  It goes up VERY quickly and falls back down very quickly again.  Very scary though because it occurs out of the blue.

Wanted to say... I"m not on any medication, but do IVs twice a week.  Before pregnancy they pushed the HR down a bit.  

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