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  1. I'm in WI too. The weather changes are hard! The faster the weather change, the more likely I am to have symptoms. Humidity is tough to adjust to! I agree with Pistol - don't lay around. Move as much as you can, even if all you can do is bed exercise.
  2. I don't have raynaud's, but I get chilblains. I am struggling with painful cold hands. Seems like there's no help for us! Doctor says exercise, and I do, but it doesn't help my cold hands. The other common treatments cause vasodilation and that's a no-no for POTS.
  3. Hi @Mainer re: diet, very low carb, like ketogenic diet eliminates my fatigue and low blood pressure after eating. Fasting helps me too. I feel best 6 - 20 hours after eating. I am finding that drinking to thirst only has been helping me more than pushing salt and fluids. But it's winter still here, and I don't sweat when I workout, so YMMV, and I might change my tune in summer. I've gone from bedrest/disabled to fairly functional. The best exercise for me was simply standing up. (I'm not a fainter.) Last week was my son's spring break. He has a lot of behavior problems an
  4. I had high testosterone when I was on a medication that increased my insulin. (I'm not diabetic, it was a psych med). Elevated insulin is a significant factor in high blood pressure. I would start investigating insulin to see if there's anything that fits what you're experiencing.
  5. It helped me function, but the side effects were horrible. I got the hypertalkative side effect - very annoying!! I lost 40# in 6 weeks, was literally starving to death and that made my POTS worse and I was falling a lot more than usual. Also had disturbed sleep side effects. I coudln't tolerate it. Midodrine had similar benefits for me without the nasty side effects.
  6. When I started florinef, I tracked my daily sodium and fluid intake. I was able to see that florinef had no effect at all if I didn't get a minimum of 4 grams of sodium in a day. Over 4 grams of sodium, I got beautiful symptom relief. However, I needed an additional medication (midodrine) to help with blood pooling too.
  7. More updates! I had fluctuation of symptoms. Added midodrine which controls blood pooling better. I started exercising and learned about ANS hacking and tried a corset for abdominal compression. I did exercise as "movement" and focused on spending more time standing each day until I got to 7 hours standing! There are things we can try to hack our ANS for better functioning. Meditation down-regulates adrenals and stimulates the parasympathetic (rest and digest) system. Laughter hacks the ANS too. Time in nature stimulates the parasympathetic. Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland. Etc.
  8. I have been officially disabled since 2010, and now i live off my financially secure husband. 😘 I had worked as a dog groomer, but was not able to sustain working 8 hours per week (standing), or running my own salon where I could sit all the time. Now that i've fainted i can't groom dogs anymore. If I fainted with a dog on the grooming table, and the dog jumped off, it would be hanged to death. I groom 4 dogs of friends at home, little dogs that will stand nicely on the floor and I sit on the floor with them. It's enough I don't feel completely useless. If I could manage travel and stand
  9. The 30 bpm increase is on a tilt test. It makes a difference. I was anxious the week before because my poor man's tests at home weren't all over 30. i was having a good week. hah! They tilted me to 80 degrees and my HR shot up 99 bpm in the first minute. Tilt test is a whole different ballgame!
  10. What can you do? Track your symptoms diligently and use google. google scholar is great! I had orthostatic vitals checked once a few years ago and it was missed! I discovered POTS while reading only about every possible reason for fatigue (hint: hundreds of them). I stood up, checked my pulse, and the rest is history! i had to advocate strongly for myself because I'd been misdiagnosed so many times with psychiatric conditions. it was worth the hassle.
  11. I had a recent surgery and felt FANTASTIC afterwards. I woke up from anesthetic feeling great, but after about 10 minutes the pain kicked in and it took them a while to get it under control. I couldn't walk unassisted at the hospital, but by the time I felt incredible. I suspect i felt so good because I had 4 liters of IV saline. I felt terrible the next day with normal post-op pain and POTS got worse through the next 2 weeks from deconditioning since I wasn't able to return to normal activity right away.
  12. Sounds good! Having POTS is a whole lot better than having a structural defect of your heart (in my opinion!)
  13. Do you have a problem with negative thought processes? Thought processes can be changed. But emotions? Well, you feel whatever it is that you're feeling. And if he's going to refuse to accept you because you're having emotions about being in a difficult situation, then... I think a better question is how to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship? Have you applied for social security disability? Is there any kind of work you could do even part time or working from home? Do you have access to therapy? You area dealing with so much here, it's complicated. I don't think your
  14. It looks suspicious for POTS, but you need a tilt table test done for diagnosis. HAve you seen a cardiologist?
  15. Before dx and tx, a bad day was bedbound except bathroom trips, and nausea prevented me from eating. I'd lose weight fast. A good day was maybe 80% functional, still average 4 hours in bed between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (I use time spent in bed during the day to track how functional I am / am not) After dx/tx, I still get bad days if I'm not diligent about sodium/fluid intake. Yesterday was one of those. I was in bed 5.75 hours between 8 - 5. I was cognitively impaired, reduced emotional control, irritable, tachy when upright, fatigued, and generally just miserable. A good day, I'm 100% funct
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