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  1. Sweet. Have you tried painting on clothes or bags and maybe sell some merch?
  2. Been wanting to do this. Actually, at some point, this is all I want to do. 😄
  3. Been reading, cooking, gardening, and tinkering, but there are times when I don't want to move at all. Like I want to stay on the couch or on the bed all day. I wonder what apps you guys use to pass the time? Could be games or anything interesting at all. I love looking at exterior and interior designs by the way. Any recommendation's appreciated.
  4. Great info. Taking meds in the afternoon was one of the mistakes I did. The effects tend to kick in at night.
  5. Not being able to work because of chronic illnesses adds up to the feeling of frustration and maybe depression. It's kinda isolating really, but it's how things are. This situation isn't on top of the priority at the moment or maybe they're doing their best for us at the moment. Hopefully, things will get better for us soon enough.
  6. I heard that it is good. A friend of mine uses it with great results.
  7. These comments are really encouraging. Thank you for the replies in here.
  8. I definitely don't. I am keen on knowing what the effects on other people are.
  9. Thanks. This would be really helpful as I really couldn't bear having a shower or bath when ill. Oftentimes, I don't even wanna get up from bed.
  10. You're one strong and brave soul. Bless you.
  11. I read somewhere that it could be due to it having too much direct sunlight. I'm not sure it's accurate. I just like reading about plants but not really good in taking care of them.
  12. That's typically the case. It's always better to sort out everything early on before the condition gets worse and the treatment is harder.
  13. Hey, all! Thanks for your responses. I'd say it is in our 30s where feel so much pressure as we are nearing 40s. We get to look back at the opportunities we missed and all the hardship. And now social media is brainwashing us, making us feel that we have a bad life. It's hard living nowadays. I think everybody should address mental health, maybe it should be mandatory for schools or offices? The stigma maybe stopping people from admitting they need help, right? Has any of you had experience with therapy. How did it go? Did you benefit from it?
  14. He can't do that right, and even if he does, he would still need to see you.
  15. During our teens and 2os, we care less about our body, our life in general but once we hit 30, we realize a lot of things. That's when we rush to put things all together, and we feel the pressure and the stress, then there comes the illnesses. I think mostly, it's all about the stress of the challenges we had during these years. What do you think? What was the most stressful or challenging thing that happened to you that you thin contributed to your illness? How did you cope with that situation?
  16. It's hard dealing with chronic illnesses because it's just not the physical that's affected. It goes with sleepless nights thinking how much time we should have spent doing more than we did, the time we have left, the changes in our loves, and so on. It never ends. I just pray or everyone here.
  17. Hi there. It's really hard to adjust to the changes in our bodies. I haven't had any issue with my eyesight. I have a friend who had what you described. Hers is different though. Been going to the ophthalmologist for some time but getting worse only to find out that she has brain tumor.
  18. Yeah, good to know this. Gotta have epsom salt. I also read about the other benefits. It helps with constipation and promotes better sleep.
  19. Hahaha. Yeah. she sure does. It's good to have her shaved as it's really hot right now.
  20. Checked out the patterns and they look easy but still gorgeous. Love to try them soon. Btw, I love the purse.
  21. LOL She looks conscious. So adorable.
  22. I had jade plant before which apparently is a succulent. I didn't really know much about plants then and it was just given to me as a gift. I was watering it everyday, and I wasn't supposed to so it did https://smartgardenguide.com/jade-plant-overwatering/#:~:text=Overwatering a Jade Plant causes,problems can cause similar symptoms. I didn't know I was overwatering it. It felt bad.
  23. I searched if epsom and table salt are the same. Apparently, they're not. I want to try this. Thank you.
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