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  1. Yes Vit C and Zinc is needed to boost our immune system, plus nutritious and still balanced diet. As years go by, peoples' lives are deteriorating.
  2. Is metoprolol better than salbutamol or budesonide nebule?
  3. So scary on how wide this covid-19 is affecting everyone globally
  4. Jackie Chan's movies and the IP series 🤩
  5. Use Beta Blockes, oit has been shown that propranolol may be helpful in reducing heart rate and improving symptoms in POTS patients.
  6. Yes I think for visibiity purposes, that way you would also have a way to remind yourself where your money goes.
  7. What's your medication for this? Do you any supplement to boost your immune system?
  8. You need to go for another check up to have a right prescription.
  9. I hope you find the best medication and hope you get better soon.
  10. I like bread but not really Gluten-free. I'd rather eat brown rice.
  11. Pigeons are friendly to people and it entertains people when they are in a group. They can make people happy.
  12. Whenever I'm down and depressed, I love to hear Praise and Worship songs it makes me relieved and and healed.
  13. I do love too..Fish are make me calm with my emotional disturbance. I love watching them.
  14. I have grilled tuna and caesar salad.
  15. It's been a couple of months that haven't checked my heart rate. I think yours is normal.
  16. I have heard acupuncture as well and I believe it is helpful especially stress. Still looking for the right time to have an appointment with. I am dealing stress right now, so I need it.
  17. Fluids is very important in our body and think you are lack of Vitamin B-Complex.
  18. Very uncomfortable situation, are sure you were prescribed the right dosage?
  19. You should be watchful of your diet, that is another safe way to avoid.
  20. I have fish therapy, I just love looking at them in the aquarium and makes me feel relieved.
  21. We have parrots at home and love birds. We have a big cage so that we can watched and feed them anytime.
  22. The best thing also to inquire is the cost of general check up. Also review their feedback. Good Luck!
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