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  1. Resting/sitting heart rate around 85 Standing 95 to 110. Activity like walking/ housework about 110 to 125 And that's with a beta blocker
  2. @Jessica they are very disturbing. Mine calmed down a bit but are still there. Ugh. The fear of wondering if and when it will get worse is the worst!
  3. So to add to my lovely Pots diagnosis, once my Pots symptoms started to crash (which led to my diagnosis) I started to get weird skin sensations. Pin pricks, creepie crawlies, random muscle twitching ( and it just twitches once, not like consistently like fasciculations) in my fingers and thighs. I feel it in legs, feet, hands, ears, face, pretty much all over and it's very random and doesn't happen every day. It's not painful because they are just quick pin pricks but its annoying more than anything. I mentioned it to my dr today and he said to wait and see because he thinks it could resolve.
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