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  1. This pandemic taught so many things. It reminded us of that we're vulnerable. It taught us the importance of proper hygiene and health. Personally, what have you learned from COVID-19?
  2. Dream holiday would be a vacation In Barcelona or New Zealand.
  3. Fatigue is present in all illnesses, and it happens because there is a disturbance of balance of what should be normal in our body.
  4. I tried to some painting but haven't really done something great. I stopped and now have been reading.
  5. I guess it doesn't matter where. As long as we're with our family, it sure is a happy holiday!
  6. Turmeric tea is good for swelling. Also, have you tried hot/warm compress?
  7. I know it's not likely going to happen this year, but what would be your dream holiday? Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching, but I doubt it's going to be the same.
  8. Aw. This is beautiful. Takes me back to memories. Sniff sniff*
  9. Not anyone that I know. Ask your doctor right away. It's hard to guess when it comes to our health.
  10. Covid-19 caused anxiety for millions. We just have to follow the recommendations and survive this as this too shall pass.
  11. So adorable! They are just so innocent.
  12. "The key at this stage is to be very rigid and strict about complying with the recommendations for social distancing and isolation. Remind your friends and family (skeptical or not) that this is no joke." It really is happening.
  13. Jackie Chan initially pops in my head when I hear martial arts movies. You can't go wrong with his movies.
  14. Yes Vit C and Zinc is needed to boost our immune system, plus nutritious and still balanced diet. As years go by, peoples' lives are deteriorating.
  15. Is metoprolol better than salbutamol or budesonide nebule?
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