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  1. Have you thought of some project to start yet? I'm thinking of doing something in the backyard. Just add something nice to the house.
  2. Yes, the @ followed by the username @Sarah TeeYou have to wait sometimes though. Or it's just me.
  3. Great job. Her voice is angelic. I love that song so much. It makes my heart ache for some reason. Happy new year to all!
  4. Haven't started the gardening just yet. Maybe after new year so it could mark the new year for me. Happy new year all!
  5. Wow! I am speechless! It seems like I am reading from a magazine or blog. The plants you mentioned are all good as medicines. I have read all about it and never really thought anyone could grow them all! Wow, I want to live in your house! LOL Seriously, that's amazing. Yey, I'm going to PM you when I decided to start myself for sure! But don't I need to have like a green thumb or something for those kinds of plants? Anyhow, I just want to share this downloadable I found from WHO site. It's about dealing with the pandemic. It's in pdf. https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240003927
  6. Me too! Sounds like heaven right now.
  7. Hello! Thanks for your responses. Appreciate all the thoughts. Boredom seems to lead to depression, so I might have to think about new things to try. I'm thinking about gardening, herbs and other edible plants. But I still have to do some research as I haven't really done any decent gardening all my life. @Pistol I haven't really thought about social media that way. I mean, the places I visit are chaotic. I guess I've been using it all wrong. When you say Facetime and Zoom, I assume it would be with your circle, right? @dancer65Me too! I love music and singing along, just when
  8. Shortness of breath could be from a lot of things. Some doctors oversee this and would only be diagnosed when worse.
  9. Welcome to the community. Sad to hear about your daughter. Trazadone helps but I suggest asking your doctor first about it as every individual varies depending on the history. I'm hoping that you'd be able to do well. I couldn't help much but there are a lot of knowledgeable people here. You will be in my prayers. Wish you well!
  10. Most of us are already dealing with other health issues, including mental health which has been aggravated by the lockdowns and all the chaos surrounding COVID-19. Did you have some issues like depression or anxiety. If so, did you seek professional help? I'm not certain if that's convenient at this time though.
  11. A second opinion is always a good decision as doctors have different insights sometimes.
  12. Keep us posted on the Plaquenil. Thanks for sharing this.
  13. Right now, home with the family is all we need.
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