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  1. I wonder when we're gonna be able to enjoy traveling without any worries about getting the virus. I miss that kind of freedom.
  2. Well there's also people who hates the beach, the heat, the water... and not to mention the sticky sand. I know a person who hates going to the beach.
  3. Hi there! Have you figured this out yet. I hope you found something that works for you.
  4. I play Among Us as well, especially last month. It was very addictive actually. I play with friends and cousins. Gotta check out the other apps that you mentioned. Thank you!
  5. Yep, I live for that thought right now. Life is interesting when we think that things like that could happen someday eventually.
  6. That's amazing. I would say arts are a thing right now, especially many people are wanting to have a nice home given they have to stay in it most of the time.
  7. Green tea always helped me with breakouts and also lemon, but since you mentioned natural things don't work for you, you can try products with alpha-hydroxy acids or tea tree oil.
  8. Oh, I love binge-watching, too. I don't mind repeating series that I like. Have tried a few apps but none really hooked me to play or stay on it.
  9. Sweet. Have you tried painting on clothes or bags and maybe sell some merch?
  10. Been wanting to do this. Actually, at some point, this is all I want to do. 😄
  11. Been reading, cooking, gardening, and tinkering, but there are times when I don't want to move at all. Like I want to stay on the couch or on the bed all day. I wonder what apps you guys use to pass the time? Could be games or anything interesting at all. I love looking at exterior and interior designs by the way. Any recommendation's appreciated.
  12. Great info. Taking meds in the afternoon was one of the mistakes I did. The effects tend to kick in at night.
  13. Not being able to work because of chronic illnesses adds up to the feeling of frustration and maybe depression. It's kinda isolating really, but it's how things are. This situation isn't on top of the priority at the moment or maybe they're doing their best for us at the moment. Hopefully, things will get better for us soon enough.
  14. I heard that it is good. A friend of mine uses it with great results.
  15. These comments are really encouraging. Thank you for the replies in here.
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