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  1. Hi, this is an old topic, but how long did it take to get an appointment at the clinic? I am looking to go as a research participant because I have been diagnosed by multiple doctors. However, they all say I am beyond their expertise... Did you find them helpful?
  2. I was on Instagram yesterday and came across a girl with bulimia who has pots. I have been in recovery from severe anorexia-restrictive subtype for about 2 years. I know pots and dysautonomia are not rare I just thought that was interesting. Wondering if anyone else has or had an eating disorder, specifically AN-R because I was always told in treatment that my resting heart rate of 100 was "strange."
  3. Hi all! I'm new to the forum and I'm curious about anyone's experience with iv saline/hydration therapy. I have "very severe" pots according to my EP and no medications have been able to give me relief. (Diagnosed for 4 years now. I suspect possible EDS) My resting pulse is about 80 and my standing is 170+. (Without medication... I cannot tolerate any exercise) I was on bystolic at 5mg and propranolol 10mg 2 times/day and they both made my blood pressure drop to the point where I couldn't speak. (I have paradoxal reactions though and am extremely sensitive to medications) I've also
  4. Wow I think I'm an outlier here haha. Resting: about 70 standing: 170+ My body still can't handle any exercise and all medications I've tried thus far have made my bp and hr drop dangerously low. Has anyone else with similar stats experienced the same thing?
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