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  1. I appreciate everyone's response, thank you. She did mention that she thinks my stomach pain is probably from gastritis or colitis because I frequently have diarrhea, and said that it can feel like a sharp knife stabbing pain depending on where it hits in the intestines, I just find it hard to believe that pain would always be hitting my ovaries. And quite often. She wants me to document the stomach pain and diarrhea to see if they correlate. She is convinced because my periods are regular that I am fine? But I've read nowhere that you must have irregular periods to have pcos. My periods are l
  2. Saw a doctor at uc Davis about ttc. She normally doesn't do anything about failure to conceive until actively trying 1 year, but when I pressed about my stomach pain she agreed to schedule an ultrasound for 3 months but expects it to be normal and suggested I probably have ibs. I mentioned the tachycardia because my hr was 150 walking to the office and 113 as my BP was taken, she said it's probably my body's way of compensating for being so skinny. Does this statement have any merit? I'm 5'9.5 at 120 (usually fluctuate between 117-130 so I'm at a low point at the moment) I always figured I am
  3. How exciting! Congratulations <3
  4. @BuffRockChick that's great that you're making headway with you husband, I hope your appointment goes well!! It'd be just my luck to bring along my s.o and have the doctor tell me that nothing is wrong. He'd be like, "see? You're fine. Chill out." You're right I need to find a better way to talk to doctors. I often get flustered in those type of situations. It doesn't help one bit that I get worn out by talking and have to take big breaths in the middle of my sentances. I usually bring a list to hand them when they ask for symptoms. The ovulation test will be a great prep for my next appointme
  5. My dad has severe cluster headaches. He would often bang his head against the wall and sometimes curl up in a ball sweating because the pain was so bad. However he gets them 3 times a day or more, not a continuous headache. If that is what you are experiencing then I am so sorry. Have you tried oxygen? I can ask him what he does now to manage the pain if you'd like. I know that he uses medical marijuana and believes it is the only thing that truly helps, and he's tried many many things over the years.
  6. Thank you both. @BuffRockChick I know exactly what you mean about the diagnosis and getting him to understand. That's why, we'll that's one reason why, I wish a doctor would take me seriously. He tends to listen when it's "someone who knows what they're talking about" *eye roll* I've been called lazy too! What a smack in the face that feels like! And I think he has come to know the crabby irritable me as who I am. I pretty much have, too, at this point. I have had 1 ekg done while I was having an episode of SVT. It took me a while to realize that's what happened because I didn't und
  7. I wish I knew what caused this! Though I suspect I have mast cell activation which I suppose would account for the itchiness. I scratch so hard I bruise all the time, especially legs. I'm constantly itchy I'm random places. Wish I knew how to help, just thought I'd let you know you're definitely not alone. Take care
  8. @BuffRockChick thanks for your concern love. I understand where he is coming from but he can be hard headed about a lot of things and when it comes to my heart he doesn't want to believe anything is wrong. It is stressful for him too but I think we will both feel better if nothing is wrong with the echo. He doesn't know yet about the pcos. I think that would be too much for him to handle and I'm trying to deal with it on my own. I know he will find out eventually. So glad you were able to get pregnant. Gosh that is such a long time to wait. My dad recently started pressuring me about grandkid
  9. @MomtoGiuliana thanks a lot. From what I understand a reproductive endocrinologist might be my best bet. There's one in Sacramento at uc Davis. It's far, but hopefully he is accepting new patients. My s.o is completely against me taking any kind of medication that regulates my heart even without being pregnant. Of course according to him, he just thinks "everybody runs differently". Starting to think there's no white light for me.
  10. Just felt like giving an update...Managed to weasel myself into the only cardiologist office that would make me an appointment, 45 min away, month wait. There's been no communication from my primary since I turned in the 30 day monitor, but she was getting the reports "almost instantly" according to a lady from the life alert company that watched the monitor when I pressed. Not too worried I guess. Apparently the cardiologist wasn't too happy I didn't have a referral, because he came in with a coffee and came in got super comfortable in his chair and took a sip before even acknowledging me, li
  11. @KiminOrlando Cooking from the Couch; episode one: All My Spoons are in the Dishwasher If it works, there ain't no shame! Lmao!!
  12. Ohh I just love to cook and bake. I especially love that I can have control over what I'm eating because I can be soo picky sometimes! My crock pot and rice cooker are used verrrry often. I was recently gifted a food processor and I'm in love. Days that I don't feel like cooking, usually throw 2 cups of brown rice in the cooker and steam some vegetables on the stove. With teriyaki sauce or ranch, that's a good enough dinner for us. Usually the day after grocery shopping (or...whenever I get around to it..) defrost 3 or 4 chicken breasts, put them in the slow cooker with some water and so
  13. Thanks for sharing! Brittany Murphy's brother discussed her having had POTs (or maybe it was general dysautonomia? I can't remember at the moment) in an interview. Is the article suggesting chemotherapy for POTs? I can't quite grasp what the research concluded as I've been pretty out of it today.
  14. Sitting: 70's Standing: 100-115 Walking: 130 Minor exertion: 130-160
  15. I've been pressing 2-3 times a day when my HR goes above 110, but the most strenuous things I've done so far are dishes, laundry, and walking around the grocery store. I will start keeping a log. Thanks for the advice
  16. @KiminOrlando this is the exact issue I am having I wish I could understand why. I'm starting to take photos of the physical things (blood pooling, livedo reticularis, raynaud's, ect..) associated with eds...it's harder with pots, I just have a bp cuff at home I use to determine how the day is gonna go..but that can be used to document evidence as well. Others have also suggested an o2 monitor. What I'm getting at is, eventually I will gather all this and write a letter to the specialists in my area (got the idea from the forum!) explaining symptoms and support with my own documented evidence
  17. @MomtoGiuliana so far I've seen 2 PCPs after being denied from several cardiologists. I went to a clinic and had an abnormal ECG. I almost feel that alone should warrant the cardio, but still am being asked for a referral by the offices that I have contacted. I saw a 2nd doctor, my new PCP, who doesn't think there is enough information for a referral, which is why she ordered the event monitor. If, when she recieves the results, says that everything is fine and I don't need a cardiologist, I just don't know what I am going to do. You actually just gave me the idea to call my insurance and see
  18. @MomtoGiuliana I guess what I should have asked is 'would they take me without a diagnosis'. I have the highest tier PPO coverage, yet every cardiologist I have contacted wants a referral. With my family history of heart attacks and a-fib I did not think I would have been denied this many times. Even my doc said they wouldn't take me without more evidence. But thanks for the response, that definitely gives me hope. I will just have to keep trying.
  19. so sorry you are feeling badly. Glad you were able to get some time off work. I truly believe in the power of positive thoughts- don't give up hope! Sending positive vibes your way~
  20. @pixiegram hey there, I'm curious- (and probably too curious, if so I apologize) had you gone through other tests (like ecg or 24hr holter) that showed anything that your doctor's requested the monitor for? Did yours auto trigger without you having to press a button? I understand your doctors wanted more information..did they get anything useful or helpful from the 30day report? By the way- welcome to the forum! I have yet to press the button during episodes of chest pain because if it is nothing I'm afraid my doc won't take me seriously I almost think the 30 day monitor was a way to pu
  21. @Buzzbev gosh I feel your frustration. That is exactly what I'm worried about. I can't believe it's been *this* hard for me to even get a referral to a cardiologist. @MomtoGiuliana do the specialists take patients without referrals? I don't think anyone is taking me seriously because I look so healthy. Ugh.
  22. Thanks for the summary. I got an event monitor that only records when I press *sigh* so much for figuring out what's going on, I'm sure all that will come up is normal rythymn tachy. Hoping that will be enough to get me to a cardiologist for am echo.
  23. Kalamazoo Do you have a doctor or team of doctors handling your care? It sounds like you're experiencing a lot of pain that isn't being taken seriously Did you have your levels tested during a ttt to determine hyperpots?
  24. I don't have anything very helpful to say other than I definitely experience this. It does not happen all the time, though, and I haven't been able to pinpoint a trigger (other than every time I drink alcohol) but I almost feel as if it comes in "waves" (a few days or a week..then goes away for weeks..) The only things I've found to be helpful are yoga and a heavy dose of benadryl. It definitely happened more often when I worked retail and got off late and had so much adrenaline that I couldn't get to that point of sleeping soundly before I had to be up in the morning. Sorry you're going throu
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