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  1. I live in Australia and I'm dreading summer this year. We had heatwaves that went on and on over a span of three months last year and temps were regularly over 38C or 100F. We have no air con in our rented house but hoping to sort that out before Spring. If it's that hot again I think I'm going to end up back in hospital. I've even looked at moving to a cooler climate.
  2. Mine is 70 - 80 resting, 90 - 115 standing / walking short distances, and 120+ on an incline or doing any active exercise. But then I also have random high HR on bad days just from standing still. I feel unwell at 115 to 120 + though - tight in the chest, sore between my shoulder blades and very out of breath, as well as lightheaded. It makes it hard to exercise. I'm on fludrocortisone.
  3. I have one and I find it useful. I use the app on my phone to log my water intake and I find the HR pretty accurate. It mostly helps me when I'm feeling really symptomatic - I can check it and see what my HR is doing. I also use it to log my exercise and count my steps. I was iffy on how much I'd use it because I don't generally like wearing a watch, but I haven't taken it off except to charge it or shower since I bought it.
  4. Hello I'm new here, just diagnosed a month ago with POTS after two weeks in acute cardiac care. I'm taking fludrocortisone once daily (100mcg), drinking 3L of water, and eating a lot of salt. I'm also using nuun tablets on bad days and trying hard to exercise using resistance bands lying down. Apart from the tachycardia, breathlessness, and fatigue, my main problem is my veins. I have bulging veins on the backs of my hands that really hurt, and I've had the same on the top of one foot that was sore enough to wake me at night. The foot one was a pulsing pain, as if it hurt each time
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