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  1. I don't think is necessarily a judgement as I'm sure you're aware of the repercussions of smoking. But seriously consider what you're doing to your already struggling body. Cigarettes also affect your blood pressure and if you have regular pots that increase in blood pressure might help you alleviate your symptoms. But seriously, this is something you need to speak to your doctor about because no one here is going to condone smoking lol.
  2. gosh this is so scary, I have a pineal cyst, but it's not a tumor or cancerous but I still worry for stuff like this. I hope everything works out
  3. I have high levels of c reactive protein but my ANA came back negative so they are confused =/
  4. So I recently moved and have been painfully active. About 10k steps per day. Well my legs, back, hips etc all hurt from it and today I noticed the lower part of my knee is red and hot. I know blood clots are common in knees but are in the back usually. I have red hot knees only in the front in a small section and it isn't painful at all. Has anyone noticed anything like this, wondering if it's maybe arthritis or something.
  5. I was bulimic around the time when I first got really sick. I believe there's a correlation because now, any time I've ever been sick and thrown up I immediately feel HORRIBLE.
  6. Today I saw a woman with a fan attached to her neck, it constantly blew air up at her face which I'm sure helped her. I just moved to WA from AK so the weather has been a bit much. I can't be outside in direct sunlight or I flare immediately. I make my trips short outside and park as close as possible and also have handicap parking to help as well. I wear loose white clothing and flip flops and leave the house with my hair wet usually too. I carry around cold water too, really any bit helps.
  7. One odd way I cope with them is I tap on my collar bones so it drowns out how fast my pulse is going and I can't feel it and then I count the tapping and eventually I can calm down. That works for me anyways.
  8. adrenaline rushes were the start of my POTS symptoms years ago. Doctors told me I had anxiety and panic and that I was having panic attacks. Well little they did they find out that I had hyper POTS and it was something along the lines of excess adrenaline being released etc. I would look into it, don't believe it's just simply black and white. Adrenaline rushes aren't dangerous from what I have been told and I've had my heart checked out several times. I've been having them for about 15 years now.
  9. I messaged you!
  10. I feel a million times better when i eat small meals. I also fast a lot which helps too. I'm vegan and gluten free and still am which has also helped too. No meds yet but I'll need metoprolol if my diet isn't enough to help fix my insulin resistance. I eat a very low carb high fat diet. (Keto) i don't follow aany diet meticulously but this is kind of what has helped me make guidelines
  11. Did you have the leg pain prior to treatment? And I've had EMGs in my hands and they were fine, the issue is mostly in my legs. I think I need to get them in my legs.
  12. How much does it alleviate your symptoms and prior to treatment did you get a lot of leg pain? I get a lot of leg pain all throughout my legs, kind of dull and achey and random but i get pain maybe once an hour in different spots. I'm hoping it is the cause but I worry.
  13. Does anyone else have peripheral neuropathy? I do have insulin resistance that has only recently been under control but my neuropathy has been getting worse. My feet are always cold and any change in temperature drives me nuts. When I try to go to sleep my legs tingle and burn and ache and it's hard to fall asleep. Anyone else experience this?
  14. Propranolol raised my BP quite a lot
  15. I would work on finding out what she can tolerate, intimacy wise. Like this might be TMI but personally I need certain things to feel okay. The room has to be cold, I can't just have eaten, i can't be on top because i get light headed, sometimes I have to take breaks. I've been with my BF for 6 years and he's accommodated everything I need and understand, it took a lot of the guilt away of not being able to act like a 20 something year old with a high sex drive. I hope that makes sense. Talk to her about it.