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  1. Anyone try this recently? Thinking about buying it.
  2. I had the same issues until my doctor put me in a low dose of Mirtazapine to help with the weight loss, insomnia and anxiety. After a few weeks I am no longer as jumpy. It's not 100% but it's at least tolerable now.
  3. Surprisingly bending over while walking or standing drops my heart rate. I can be at 130 standing and go strat to 80ish bending over. It's like pressure on the vagnus nerve helps.
  4. Interesting that you describe "stomach shocks". I recently been having similar feelings and they don't have any effect on my heart rate either. They sometimes give me anxiety or cause shortness of breath until I can sit down. Could you describe them more? What other meds do you take?
  5. Reassuring to see similar numbers amongst us all. I've been obsessing a bit (thanks flu) and had too much time in bed worrying about these things.
  6. I see a ton of topics and discussion around average resting rate and what's normal or not normal but I don't see much about average standing or active rate. What's yours? Mine seems to have settled in the high 90s, low 100-115 depending on my activity. On thr high end especially if I'm using my arms a lot.
  7. I just came down with a nasty chest and sinus cold with a mild fever and I've noticed my resting heart rate is around 85-95 even with the beta blockers. Anyone else have similar experience with this?
  8. Has anyone had any odd symptoms with their nails and POTS? Lately I've noticed some black lines that grow vertically down my nails on my hands. Can POTS cause this or any medication? They look like the pictures for splinter hemorrhages online. Thanks!
  9. I really hope they took blood tests. Low electrolytes could also cause similar symptoms. Were you hyperventilating at all? Have an oximeter? I've had lots of adrenaline rushes caused by pots but never had pins and needles with pain. Just fast heart rate and uncontrollable shaking.
  10. I probably don't help in saying this but I am feeling the same way. :/ The cold must do something to cause more symptoms, especially in the morning. So much fun waking up with a 120bpm heart rate drenched in sweat and shivering from the cold.
  11. I didn't hold my breath during the stretch, my heart rate actually increased while stretching to the 100ish range. It was after I was all done and sitting back again when I realized I just lowered my "resting HR" 10bpm by doing a simple stretch. (arms up in the air, fingers locked, 10-15 seconds)
  12. It did remain low after stretching for a bit, but I'm not sure for how long since I got up to get some food after. It was just weird that I was hanging out at around 80-85 and after the stretch i was 70-75. I'll have to do some more tests tomorrow when my heart rate is in the 80-90 range which is usually in the morning to mid afternoon.
  13. So I've become a little bit obsessed over what actions cause my heart rate to jump or slow down and I noticed that certain stretches alter my heart rate. For example, laying on the bed watching tv and my hr is at about 80-85. I then sit up straight and stretch my hands up a bit and my heart rate jumps to 100ish, then within seconds it drops down to stay in the 70s. How is it possible that one simple stretch lowered my heart rate by 10 bpm?
  14. Hello, I've purchased a number of compression socks and found that the knee high ones work best for me. They are athletic socks, 30-40 mmhg. The thigh high or waist high are more expensive but don't provide me any additional comfort so I stick with the cheaper knee high ones. They also work good in the summer so you're not dying from the heat. For sleeping I purchased a wedge pillow. It was originally used for my GERD but it has done wonders for making the mornings easier. I have MCAS so the hypoallergenic material prevents all that dust which would cause me to break out in hives or sinus issues. Sometimes I prop pillows underneath or on top of the wedge depending on how I am feeling or if I need extra support for comfort.
  15. After many tests my immunologist is confident that I have a mast cell disorder. He recommended that I start Zantac and Zyrtec regime during the day to supplement my Mirtazapine (very strong h1) at night. Because of my sensitivity to meds I started with zantac before dinner first and I've noticed less stomach issues like gerd and bloating, along with less problems with histamine foods. One other thing I've noticed is that my heart rate no longer increases after eating. In fact, it is much lower like I'm on a beta blocker. Is this normal? Is histamine really causing my POTS? I feel like this drug is too good to be true.
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