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  1. Voulu faire ceci pour vous Ernie ! Je SUIS SI HEUREUX votre soeur et ami vous ont aid? ! Et peint aussi ? GRAND ! ! J'aime l'audition au sujet de vos voyages ! Espoir vous pouvez comprendre ceci ! Grandes ?treintes ? vous, et beaucoup plus d'aventures ? venir -- jusqu'? ce qu'il refroidit trop ! Je vous parlerai bient?t ! Je suis juste si heureux ceci peut ?tablir pour maintenant, et d'autres ?br?ch?s dedans -- et esp?rent que vous combattez toujours avec le gouvernement pour obtenir la rampe permanente que vous M?RITEZ ! Puits fait mon ami canadien pr?f?r? ! Salut ! Steph
  2. Happy 30th Birthday Emily!! You have been a great friend to me, and a great friend to the forum, see how many people stayed up late to wish you a happy birthday?! --I wanted to, but my CVS had a different idea of what to do a midnight! I wish you a wonderful year, and actually a wonderful new decade ahead! I read your new blog yesterday and LOVED it! I think it was a God moment that brought us together too! Sharing 7 POTS years, surgery et al, and I have a truly wonderful friend, despite the ugly reason that brought us together! I only hope you start to improve soon, and sort of get back on track with me! Year 7 was our worst, can 8 bring some serious changes for the BETTER? You seem to be finding new avenues that could lead to answers, and if anything, we always know we have HOPE! And I know neither of us will let that go! I hope Asher gives you b'day kisses! And you have a wonderful day Miss Emily! I am thinking of you! And uh, this may make you smile too, even though it makes me more sick than CVS!...........way to go PENN STATE!! Take care -Steph
  3. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day! I hope Oxford calls and says they will give you EVERYTHING you NEED and MORE!! I wish you a healthier year than last, and a very bright future with as much laughter, good times, and education as you can fit in your head! Best of luck with everything you wish to accomplish, may your POTS be the least of your worries in the years ahead......that is my Birthday wish to you! Take Care -Steph
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