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  1. Corina, Corina (there's a movie in the States with that name !) I'm glad you had a good day! And maybe when your hubby is off, and the boys don't have school, all of you can go to your favorite village? I hope that my singing sounded MUCH better in your head than it does in real life--normally people are asking me NOT to sing! It is THAT bad, I cannot tell a lie, but I did sing it to myself while typing! So here is your b'day surprise from me: Gelukkige Verjaardag Corina, hoop ik u een prachtige dag had, en uw jaar vooruit met betere gezondheid wordt gevuld! Liefde, Steph Ok, Ok, so I found an online Translator! But I thought you might like to read in your own language for once! And in honor of YOU, and raising my blood pressure--I will enjoy a REAL Amstel Light tonight--or two......so thanks for inviting me to your virtual party! I'm having fun already! Hope you sleep well, and thanks for making us part of your birthday as well, take care! -Steph
  2. Goodness Corina I'm not sure I can even say you're name hahaha! So I suppose there's only one thing left to say--i'm glad i took a peek at the calendar yesterday to see what the date was, it left me with a very important piece of information! Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear Corina Happy Birthday to you! sorry I don't know the words in dutch! have a wonderful and POTS free day! I hope your boys and hubby treat you very nicely! Take care -Steph
  3. Jan, as hard as it's been, you are a true testament as to what a person can do when they really have to. I am filled with happiness everytime you post with good news about Jeff, my prayers are still with you both. I know it certainly hasn't been easy for you, but it sounds like both of you seem to be getting stronger in your minds and your bond, even when your bodies don't want to cooperate. Take care of each other, and keep accepting help from others. -Steph
  4. Just wanted to say hope you had a good first weekend getting settled in, and I hope your first official school day went/ is going wonderfully!! We're all thinking of you, and hoping you also have a healthy, safe, and most importantly FUN school year!! Did YOUR mom and dad come by and take your pictures? Did you have your outfit all layed out? Are you drinking plenty of fluids and eating lots of salty snacks? Is your computer all up and ready to go? AC making you a popular girl in the dorm? Let us know how school is when you get a chance! Best of luck Chrissy! Take Care -Steph
  5. Welcome! Hope you find lots of info and friends here! Take Care -Steph
  6. Melissa, you should be very THANKFUL the panda cam doesn't work--if it did, I can almost guarantee you'd never show up for class!! I'm very addicted to that little thing, my sister in Denver is now addicted to that thing, and she has a job, and I don't believe she accomplished much last week! She is thinking about pandanapping--but isn't very happy that it sleeps so much right now! Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend in bed! If that's where you need to be most of the time to get your work done, so be it.....you'll make it! We know you will! You're right better your bed, than a hospital bed! Take it easy chica! -Steph
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