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  1. Here's the link: I'm not gluten-free but I think it's nice that it seems to be "catching on" at some more popular places. I never even think about people with diet restrictions not being able to eat out! duh steph! My only requirements are a full salt container and tabasco! http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.ad...990004&cid=1618 Happy reading! -Steph
  2. Happy Birthday Angela!! Since I now seem to be the un-official b'day spokesperson, I wanted to wish you a very fine day, and a very good year. Hopefully the best yet, and as healthy as can be! Have a wonderful Birthday! Hope your wishes come true! Your POTSy pals are thinking of you today! Take Care -Steph
  3. I'm a fan of the polar fleece socks and wool socks as well. I love my Timberland boots! Have had 2 pairs since college, gotten me through many an Athens winter on cold brick walkways! 2 winters ago got a pair of boots made by The North Face, they are Gore Tex and about as nice as you can get for an Ohio winter. Timberland and TNF aren't cheap, but with Gore Tex protecting the rain, snow, and wind, they will last for years, the tread is made to last forever as well! My winter jackets are TNF too, and I would sleep in them if I had to, they are so fluffy and nice, and warm! If you do a froogle search you will probably find lots of internet sites that sell them. I still love wearing soccer socks---they are basically like knee highs, only soccer socks are thicker, and you can fold them over for extra leg warmth, available at any sports store, in a bunch of colors and sizes. I do want to note it's ENTIRELY to early to be talking about winter don't ya think??!! Take Care -Steph
  4. um Morganski, I think Pete just meant he lives in Maryland.
  5. Happy Birthday to you ladies as well! This sure is a busy time! I didn't even know the Dinet calendar did that b'day thing--I just needed to know what day it was!! And lo and behold that is FILLED WITH SECRETS! I wish all of you celebrating wonderful years ahead and as good health as possible! Have a great day! Take Care -Steph
  6. Yeah, another party for your baby boy!! Everything sounded perfect Corina! thanks for sharing with us! Now enjoy that clean house! Talking on that new cell phone! While in the bathtub, smelling pretty, reading your new book! Take Care -Steph
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