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  1. Sorry to not have been around to do this yesterday!! Happy Birthday Nina!! I hope this year is one of the best as I hope you really celebrate AFTER your run! (and schoolwork) THANK YOU so much for all your work on the forum, it means a lot to have good moderators! I feel like you're my PT buddy because we're both reaping the benefits, and of course pains, at about the same schedule, it's nice to know someone else is going through the same stuff and feeling better like I am! Wishing you a pain-free, stress-free rest of the week, and wishing you lots of restful sleep before the BIG weekend! I also hope you had a very happy birthday, and hope everything you are working so hard for will reward you dearly! Happy Birthday Mighty Mouse! Big Pain-Free hug! -Steph
  2. Here is Dr. Grubb's contact info: Dr. Blair Grubb Medical University of Ohio Phone: (419) 383-3963 Toll-free: (800) 321-8383 ext. 3963 hours 8:30-4:30pm M-F
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