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  1. Of course I was this sneaky when I was little! I'm the youngest of 3 girls---the other 2 used to do some VERY MEAN things to me! I had to learn my craftiness early! Well I'm sooo glad you had a good b'day--pretty watercolor card and all! But wow, your poor bro! I hope he can get more stable soon, and he's feeling decently, or at least drugged enough to not know! You must be being a very good aunt! I'm sure your sis-in-law is very appreciative! Try not to get too wiped out! And yes, please share the cake! If it's the Dairy Queen cake you talked about Gwendolyn getting---I'm all over it!!! I hate frosting--so ice cream cake or cheesecake is the way I like to go! Hmmm calories are good for Stephie! I am also getting MUCH ENJOYMENT over everyone trying to "beat me" to the b'day wishing---soon I'm gonna have to start posting at 12:01 aren't I??? silly geese! Take Care, and hope your family is doing okay too! -Steph
  2. Well I can't say I've ever been beaten to the b'day well wishing by the b'day girl herself--but it happened! So I guess it's a night early, but I completely understand looking forward to birthdays! I've had all my junk for 7 years, but last year was very hard due to some rough surgeries--and even though I had my last one 3 days AFTER my 27th, it was way easier than the first 2, and my LAST ONE! And ever since I've been climbing upwards---slowly, very slowly, but I have been improving. I certainly wish the same for you Gwendolyn. Happy 17th Birthday!! Glad you made it through your first GI test, yeah the barium is icky, but it could be worse, you just have to drink it fast while trying not to throw it up, which can be a challenge! You'll be just fine though! Sorry you can't be in school right now, do you like to read books and watch movies and stuff, or have the days been kind of boring? I'd like to tell you all kind of books I liked when I was your age, but sadly, they are probably in the archives now!! I am a harry potter fan---I don't care how old I am! Anyway, I wish you a very wonderful birthday, I hope all your wishes come true! And I certainly hope you find better, more stable health this year! Take Care! -Steph
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