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  1. I there I was DX with Ulcerative Colitis in 2002ish, then DX with POTS and tachycardia... At one time ,the dr.'s also thought I had fibromalygia or Rheumatoid Arthritis.. so YESSS
  2. My eyes are ALWAYS dilated too and it does matter what time of the day. I have problems driving at night due to the dilation and wearing contact lenses. I would suggest making sure a ophthalmologist is aware that you have an autonomic dysfunction at your next exam.
  3. Thank you very much for input. I have been on Ritalin for 2 days now and I have an abundance amount of energy. I was able to function on 6 hours of sleep... yay and work 10 hours today.... I definitely do not want to exert myself too much. However, even with only 2.5mg of Ritalin in my system, I am losing my appetite. It is weird, I may think I am hungry for a minute and then go to something else and not be hungry anymore ... Did that ever happen to you? Of course, I only lose my appetite after 12 noon, since that is when I take it...
  4. Hi there, I just came back from my neurologist today and I have told him about my extreme tiredness in the afternoon. I told him I drink abundance of caffeine in orde to stay awake during the day. The doctor felt that if I take 2.5 mg of regular Ritalin during the afternoon, it may help my extreme tiredness. As anyone been prescribed Ritalin for this reason? Any suggestions??? However, the dr did say I may feel some heart palpitations...
  5. Thank you all for your words of advice and encouragement!!! Those words have truly made my day! Unfortunately, today is not a good day for me and I feel completely achy and out of it and my boyfriend does not understand
  6. I am soo upset and figured that the best way to express myself would be to share this with someone who can relate to me! I was walking into work at Walmart Pharmacy and was not feeling well today, so I decided to use my handicap tag and park a bit closer today. Well, this women comes over to me and says "This is a handicap parking space." I reply saying that "This is a handicap tag." The tag was not blue, but red because it is temporary and my doctor re-evaluates me every 6 months. The women still did not believe me and went to the customer service desk and then went to find a manager. I suppo
  7. Hi- I cannot drink alcohol at all. I may try to have a sip every now and then and I get extremely hot and sweaty. I can feel my heart racing and I just feel overall awful. I would not recommend drinking alcohol! Candice
  8. Hi everyone, I wanted to find out if I was the only one who sweats an enormous amount, especially on my face. Whenever I get my picture taken, my face looks sooo oily. I feel so embarassed... Do you have any recommendations / suggestions? Thanks, Candice
  9. so I went and saw Dr. Khurana last tuesday and after 2 1/2 hour appt he diagnosed me with pots. he wanted me to take salt pills but i forgot how many he wanted me to take. Does anyone ever get nauseus after exercising? I just started to resume my exercising today and got reallllyyy nauseus.. I wonder what that means. Now, I have to visit him for another tilt table test and have to go see an endrocrinologist... hope to hear from you all soon:)
  10. im going to see the famous neurologist Dr Khurana which i found from this website. i am 21 years old and they think i have an autonomic dsyfunction. i passed out in 3 minutes while doing the tilt table test. ive passed out several times and have a hard time standing on my feet for awhile... wish me luck.. im nervous:(
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