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  1. Having some fear is very normal, I just decided if I was going to die, there really is no good place to do it so I might as well be out doing something...just as long as it's not an activity that can hurt anyone else
  2. Dr. Chemali is in Norfolk, Va. It's not super close, but it's drivable He has an autonomic lab there.
  3. I wonder if there is some sort of tie between broth and the immune system. They always say chicken soup helps with colds, in mexico it's beef broth, in vietnam it's pho. That means multiple cultures around the world are using broth to feel better during illnesses. I wonder if this has something to do with how broth is made--usually with bones and inside bones is where the bone marrow is. The bone marrow is where white blood cells are made that fight infection. I know people say its just the salt and fluids but i wonder if there is something more to it.
  4. I loved acupuncture. It really calmed me down and relaxed me. I also get massages now periodically that also help me relax. And this might sound kind of lame but i have found crossing my arms helps with my lightheadedness.
  5. Pulling out my calculator...not so good at math so please correct me if i am wrong... out of 123 forum members: 83% experience lightheadedness 80% experience brain fog 56% experience muscle spasms 60% experience chest pain 55% experience chest tightness 85% experience fatigue 41% experience electric shock like sensations 52% experience sudden awakening in the night 41% experience excessive sweating 28% experience full syncope 74% experience presyncope 63% light sensitivity 63% sensitivity to sound 76% weakness 76% palpitations 59% feelings of panic 49% feelings like you are g
  6. I think this list is part of the problem with POTS and doctors. When they give you the pamphlet, it should cover all of these. But when doctors hear postural tachycardia, they think it is only heart rate. In fact, the disease name itself is misleading. They should call it ADPOTS. Autonomic Dysfunction Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I had my doctor move POTS as the primary condition and replace it with autonomic dysfunction...its a much better explanation.
  7. I think this will help all of us to see how "normal" our symptoms are. Please let me know if i missed any.
  8. Though i would not recommend this to anyone. I have found that smoking helps me at least as far as energy and brain fog is concerned. When i quit for 6 months, i had less energy and more shortness of breath. Something to consider though, is that i think it taxes out the adrenals somehow.
  9. The stress of pots makes me frustrated and since i have no outlet, it can manifest in the form of rage. Florinef is also a culprit for this.
  10. i get this, but i found that exposing myself to it, helped it go away eventually:) I think of it as 5,000 conversations going on at the same time and trying to listen to all of them at once.
  11. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradykinin http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hereditary_Angioedema For all you research buffs, I start at Wikipedia and go from there Basically this stuff does the opposite of angiotensin and there are known genetic associated with it.
  12. Anyone with ear issues should look up the epley manuever, i've found it gives me some relief...
  13. When you can pinpoint your heart rate without even checking your pulse.. eh I'm running about 130
  14. I agree with rama, I think that this happens because our "excitement" hormones are already high and the stress of these stimuli push us over the threshold.
  15. The fainting response as I have read is due to loss of oxygen or glucose to the brain. Whatever is causing that is trivial, probably loss of blood pressure, who knows, but either way, the laying flat or fainting restores the supply of glucose or oxygen or whatever is missing, and the vagus nerve is what causes the body to turn off its consciousness during such circumstances. Maybe this is wrong though, the human body has infinite feedback pathways in the nervous system. I once heard it explained that in modern medicine we are better plumbers (heart an vessels) than electricians (brain and ne
  16. If anyone has time to look into this guy (the vagus nerve) I would highly recommend it. This nerve is strongly associated with syncope, heart rate, and blood pressure. When I took anatomy and physiology in college, my professor told us that syncope is caused solely by this nerve. Now whether or not it is a chicken or an egg in our condition is questionable. However, by knowing about its actions, for me at least, it has been helpful. Syncope may seem to us like the bane of our existence, but it is there for a very important reason, to maintain blood pressure, and sustain life. Our bodies are n
  17. This has happened to me before, a few times and happened again just last night. It's ridiculous. It's like my body is waking me up to faint. I also feel short of breath when this happens. It makes me think of some type of sleep apnea.
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