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  1. One area that EMGs are used in is detecting neuromuscular disease (example LEMS or Neuromyotonia). These diseases are caused by autoimmune (calcium channel or potassium channelopathies). On top of these peoples fatigue, weakness, and muscle pain due to this autoimmune disease – they also suffer from dysautonomia (majority have POTS). Antibodies are tested via - Mayo Clinic Paraneoplastic Panel
  2. @p8d I remember my nurse holding my bottle of IVIG and saying I hope I don't drop this - it cost $7,000. That was for one day. Is subcut IG cheaper?
  3. The entire earth’s surface is blanketed in Satellites transmitting (microwave) radio freq all over.
  4. Tenacity - Do you think autoimmune channelopathies could cause this physiological stress leading to low oxygen in muscles - chronic lactic acid buildup / chronic muscle pain?
  5. You are waiting to undergo some test.... what test?
  6. B12 injections sent my POTS in to over drive. I was laid up in bed for a week.
  7. @andybonse Do you live in America? - if so - did you have to get a doctors script to get this blood drawn or did the lab draw it without a doctors script?
  8. Lambert Eaton (LEMS) disease is a autoimmune disease (calcium channel antibodies) that's chief symptom is muscle weakness. The majority of LEMS patients Ive talked to suffer from POTS as well.
  9. My sister lives in Charlotte. Just gave birth and immediately suffered from high fever from a kidney infection putting her in the ER and admitted to hospital. Now she is suffering from severe weakness, tachycardia, anxiety, depression etc. Yes her doctors are focusing on postpartum anxiety disorder… but I told her if her weakness, dizziness, and tachycardia doesn’t clear up… its time to start looking into possibly autoimmune cause. After being sick myself for so many years with autoimmune/POTS I’ve done lots of research…. I’ve learned a large percentage of women’s dysautonomia occurred (tr
  10. I too would like to know what Earthing Sheets are about. Ive never heard of it. Must confess.... I always have a hard time understanding electricity and grounds....
  11. Your symptoms are similar to a disease called Lambert Eaton disease which is caused by calcium channel antibodies found in Mayos Paraneoplastic panel. Look into it. Your on IVIG- so that may skew any blood work you get done. There's numerous antibodies in the panel that are deemed to be the pathogen for many autoimmune conditions ranging from neuromyotonia, Limbic Encephalitis, ataxia, LEMS, autonomic neuropathy, etc, etc. wish there was a place in the US that provided commercial blood work similar to what CellTrend offers. As this website has pointed out - muscarinic and adrenergi
  12. Since no insurance co is involved it would seem pretty petty for a doctor not to sign an order. What would they have to loose? Have you been tested for Mayo's Paraneoplastic Panel? Not sure about your question - most those agonist you listed are decongestant? They over the counter? You have an antibody perhaps even more- have you researched immunosuppressant treatments? There's also plasmapheresis and IVIG to research.
  13. Does Cell Trend (Germany) require your doctor to sign and approve an order? Or will they do the test for anyone without a doctors script? Payment is out of pocket right? No insurance pays for blood test from Germany.
  14. You said through cell trend - did you get tested for muscarinic receptor antibodies as well? You live in America?
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