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  1. yup happens to me all the time. It doesn't have to do with actually being hot for me, it is more just an autonomic anomaly.
  2. yeah, i know what you mean about the weird wiggly faces, have not had that specifically but i feel like i have had the room do that and or other things. I suspect that weird congnitive stuff is either caused by not enough blood to the brain or dopamine levels being affected.
  3. haha i love that little stick guy, such an accurate representation. He does not look like he is having a good time!
  4. Hi Pink, i think the salt and fluids is kind of a trial and error to see what works best for you. As for salt, Mayo recommends 10g. I probably have around 2g. It is difficult to get that much salt from your diet--thermotabs can be bought online and can help with getting enough salt in. I preferred to just mix salt with warm water and take it like a shot--it seemed to work better for me and is much more cost effective than the thermotabs. I also drink water all day. And if an attack is going on i chug a big glass of water at least 16oz and it helps me within 5-10 minutes. I would guess i drink
  5. Also, i had this too a lot and IMHO it is just a part of pots. Its like the body never wants to rest, and finally when it does the adrenaline kicks in and gets things going back again. I did a sleep study with no abnormalities. The one thing i can say is that my SSRI made this go away. And though i was against it at first, pots and no sleep is not a good combo. Seattlerain, i am down in the south sound corridor, and if you ever need help such as an advocate or support, please let me know. I have been playing hardball with my insurance company for awhile. Shoot, somedays you just need someone t
  6. hey seattle, i think its the weather...mine have gotten worse in the past 3 days too..
  7. The part that i find really interesting about this poll is that vagal manuevers are supposed to reduce the HR and avert faints (allegedly) yet most replied that they are unsure whether or not it actually reduces their heart rate. I have tried this before with no avail, and also answered unsure.
  8. This is not necessarily an adult forum. Thanks misstraci for clarifying. Also, the reason i ask is due to the vagus nerve's innervation of arousal. http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/human-biology/brain-during-orgasm1.htm
  9. Wondering how everyone else is doing with this. Please do not view the following link until voting is completed. http://www.medicinenet.com/fainting/page4.htm
  10. So, when i was in college in 2007 i took Anatomy and Physiology. My professor told us a story about his PhD work at NASA where they studied the effects of prolonged bed rest on individuals. He said that after a week of bed rest they had to rehab healthy individuals because there was so much atrophy they could not leave the facility. A. this shines a lot of light on the negative effects of bed rest B. For all of you out there up on pots research, i wonder who ran this study...Nasa...OI...Ben levine anyone? I came down with POTS right around the same time i started taking that course. It is eit
  11. yes. As far as high hr's with exercise and SOB. Not sure about Orthostasis.
  12. Hey all, just read about Progesterone's effects on Aldosterone.I am wondering, anyone ever had abnormal values for these. Also, to the men, have you guys ever had these levels checked?
  13. i would love to hear what different parts of the world are doing for treatment and research considering different cultural ideologies and perspectives. Anyone have this info? Rama i would love to hear what China is doing also, any knowledge on prevalence in Australia?
  14. what do you mean when you say high bp? i.e values? Sometimes when i drop low, i get a big BP increase afterwards. For me, that is 130/100 a magic number, because this is when i feel the worst and i also get the tremors. During that time my heart is also racing. Only time my bp gets that high.
  15. Though i would not recommend this to anyone. I have found that smoking helps me at least as far as energy and brain fog is concerned. When i quit for 6 months, i had less energy and more shortness of breath. Something to consider though, is that i think it taxes out the adrenals somehow.
  16. Plain water works best for me. If i am having frequent urination, i will move to something more unflitered, like milk or juice.
  17. http://crm.cardiosource.org/Learn-from-the-Experts/2013/02/POTS-Diagnosis-and-Treatment.aspxSomeone took all the studies and bunched them into one. This is one of the most all inclusive articles i have seen yet for this disease. Great to show to someone who wants to know more about pots and also to give to clueless docs--covers the quality of life study with CHF, explains the "anxiety" phenomenon, and also outlines the issues with deconditioning that can exacerbate symptoms.
  18. It did not help me. Just wondering if it helped anyone else.
  19. How about this: I'm not dying. Just Suffering on the inside. Which is better?
  20. Mine were: -low potassium(before ever taking florinef or having pots) -high testosterone
  21. bleeding in your urinary tract is not normal. It could be a UTI but still not normal. This means some part of urine tract whether its your kidneys, bladder, urethra, whatever is exposed. Even if the Dr.'s aren't finding it---it is still there. Your urinary tract and kidneys are very important in maintaining blood pressure...
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