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  1. So I have an update! Somewhat good, in a way. I managed to find a new PCP who has been wonderful so far! I have to drive 45 minutes to see him but, considering my past awful experiences with doctors, I'd say it's totally worth it. I told him all about what's been going on and my increasing suspicion that I have EDS. He didn't really know anything about EDS, but asked me to explain it to him instead of just saying "oh, you can't have that." That is like a miracle to me!! He decided to refer me to a rheumatologist, who I saw this morning. She was fabulous. I was so pleasantly surprised! She actu
  2. Thanks for the info. My problem was not with the meds, but with the doctor's attitude. He wasn't trying to help my dysautonomia symptoms; rather, he was telling me that the SVT episode I was having due to being abruptly taken off nadolol was "all in my head."
  3. Thanks for your response. I would definitely have tried the anxiety meds if I thought there was any chance they would help. But unfortunately, I don't trust this doctor's intentions anymore. Especially not after I started back on the nadolol and these "anxiety" symptoms went away. I also found out from my cardiologist that the ECG that my PCP performed during that episode showed several PVCs, and he didn't bother to mention it. That really irritates me, because I told him several times that at least once a day I felt my heart "skipping" beats. I know PVCs aren't dangerous (unless you're havin
  4. Hi everybody, thanks for all the responses! I have had a lot going on the last couple of weeks, so I haven't been back until now to check the replies. I appreciate everyone's input. I'm still looking into all the options and trying to figure out where to go from here. I saw my cardiologist again today, which just reinforced the thought that I need a new doctor. I was sitting there miserable in his office with my BP still 90/60 despite the midodrine, and he tells me to just keep taking all my meds and come back in six months. Thanks. For those who asked, I've been tested several time
  5. Thanks for responding. I've done a lot of looking around online about which Mayo location to go to and kept seeing good things about Rochester, so that's where I was planning to go. I would be willing to go anywhere, really. It doesn't make much of a difference because it will be an expensive trip no matter where I go. Do you think it would make a difference going to Jacksonville vs Rochester, or would that just depend on the doctor either way? The lady I talked to earlier today said that if I got an appointment, I would be scheduled with several different specialties. So I'm assumin
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first time actually posting here, but I've been lurking around and reading others' posts for a while. I'm having a really rough time right now, and this seems like such a supportive community, so I'm glad to have found it! I'm hoping others might have some helpful suggestions. I was diagnosed with POTS and IST in 2013 after 5 years of being told I was crazy (just in slightly nicer words). My resting heart rate was in the 130s, jumping up by 30-40 if I so much as stood up. I was referred to two different psychiatrists, both of whom turned around and sent me to
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