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  1. I have taken it a lot. One thing to be careful of is whether or not you take fludrocortisone. I read somewhere that other steroids coupled with flornief can tax out your body. I wanna say cushingoid state but not sure. Also beware that it can cause tachycardia. When I was first diagnosed last year with pots a neurologist thouht I might have ms and have me 3 iv bags full of that stuff-- it was horrible. On the plus side though methylpred cures a lot of weird things like psoriasis etc. Another thing I should probably mention is that it made me hallucinate and feel very wired-- I had to go to the er twice for this and get sedated. But if you need it, you need it. I also don't think the pill form is as bad because it is easier controlled.
  2. Hi fellow members! This is my first post, but I've been following y'all for awhile now. I have been found some research lately on baroreceptors-- the little guys in our veins that control blood pressure. In this I came across angiotensin-- sound familiar? What I found that interested me in relation to this vessel controller is where it comes from. Apparently there is a precursor a.k.a. buildin.g block for this hormone in the liver called angiotensinogen. It makes me wonder if stress on the liver could cause this little bugger to not function properly--or disrupt its formation. Maybe this explains why alcohol drastically exacerbates our symptoms besides its dieuretic and vasodilating effects. What interests me even further is that an infection such as hepatitis can drastically affect your liver function. I read that some people who have hepatitis a or b might not even know they have it. And that it can take awhile to overcome. And here's the real kicker- it comes from feces. I have read about all of the hc workers on here who have this-- I too was a nar. And one thing we are around is feces. I feel like this would also apply to the teachers who might be around kids who don't wash their hands. Anyhow wondering if this might be related maybe not hepatitis but something like it. Anyone on here ever had any liver abnormalities?!
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