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  1. I have taken it a lot. One thing to be careful of is whether or not you take fludrocortisone. I read somewhere that other steroids coupled with flornief can tax out your body. I wanna say cushingoid state but not sure. Also beware that it can cause tachycardia. When I was first diagnosed last year with pots a neurologist thouht I might have ms and have me 3 iv bags full of that stuff-- it was horrible. On the plus side though methylpred cures a lot of weird things like psoriasis etc. Another thing I should probably mention is that it made me hallucinate and feel very wired-- I had to go to the
  2. Hi fellow members! This is my first post, but I've been following y'all for awhile now. I have been found some research lately on baroreceptors-- the little guys in our veins that control blood pressure. In this I came across angiotensin-- sound familiar? What I found that interested me in relation to this vessel controller is where it comes from. Apparently there is a precursor a.k.a. buildin.g block for this hormone in the liver called angiotensinogen. It makes me wonder if stress on the liver could cause this little bugger to not function properly--or disrupt its formation. Maybe this expl
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