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  1. Jvherenow, thanks for your response! Good to know others have intermittent symptoms. I am not diagnosed as there are no specialists here, but it's looking like IST or mild POTS. I'm just mainly miserable because simple exercise like walking produces high heart rates and they stick for the whole day. I can push through but the next day I am so tired. When symptomatic, EVERYTHING sends my heart sky high and it's the surges that bother me, not the high rate. I don't pass out. I am starting to realize though that my pulse pressure is real low shortly after exercise and when feeling bad, theres a d
  2. Wow, hangingbyathread, we do have a lot in common! Your rates were super high! And I can't believe they told you you were nervous, I would have wanted to punch them in the face if they told me that! I'm sure an ablation was a wise choice for the AVNRT and your first ablation is usually a very successful location to have ablated. The second location definitely could have contributed to the dysautonomia. I have not had an ablation. If I do have a focal tachycardia it is too near the sinus node to be safely ablated and those, as you know have poor success rates and bad outcomes. And if there's a
  3. Thank you, hangingbyathread for such a detailed and helpful response!! All of your answers help piece out what I am dealing with. And if a few more people chime in on even a question or two, that would be awesome! I am not symptomatic all the time but I was on ivabradine dec-apr so that knocked my heart down a bit for may, June, and half of July. Things (mainly tachycardia) started rearing their ugly head again recently, though I never got rid of random lightheadedness, fatigue, sleep tachycardia, and severe brain fog (to the point of amnesia). My heart and levels have been complete
  4. I've had heart/lightheadedness/memory and sleep issues going on since last November. I'm not going to go into any major detail right now but I am starting to suspect pots or dysautonomia of some sort. My electrophysiologist follow up appt is in a few weeks and answers to some of the following will help me in deciding what to bring up with him. Thanks so much!! Do pots symptoms have to be 24/7? Everyday? Only active during certain hours of the day? Has anyone had a period of time when the symptoms disappeared for a month or more then came back? Is it possible to experience pots s
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