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  1. Hi Altruism, I like your suggestion . I will wait and see if I get any more responses before I post a poll. That's an idea though:)
  2. Hi all, it has been WAY too long since I have been on here:( Life has been very busy for me the past few years. I was wondering if we already have an awareness color for POTS. If not, I would like to do a poll on what everyone would like. If we do, please let me know what it is. I have something in mind for us that I think lots of you would like. Hugs to you all, Dani
  3. Hi all. It's been too long since I have been on. I have a question. I have an event recorder on and have caught runs (6 or more) PVCs in a row that make me symptomatic. I am beyond terrified and have put my entire life on hold because I am afraid it will happen if I do anything or go anywhere. How many of you that have POTS have had this problem and what has the dr done? Any and all responses are so greatly appreciated. -Dani
  4. Gosh, I am so glad to be back and to see some of my old friends still here And to hear from new friends too! . I just finished treatment a few weeks ago so I am still in the recoop phase. I am having some problems now with lots of edema and shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle and joint pain, nausea, and the list goes on BUT I am just so very blessed to be alive. My cancer is a very aggressive one, but I hope that we caught it in time, only time will really tell. For now things look ok.. I look forward to talking with you all again and hope I don't have to leave the site for more than a few days at a time. THank you all for making me feel back at home so quickly, I have missed you!!! Love, Dani
  5. Thank everyone so far for your responses It looks like I may try the celexa but I will wait and see if I get any more responses!! Hugs to you all, Danelle
  6. I need to add an antidepressant to my list of wonderful meds and I am wondering which one works best for most of you and has the least amount of side effects, my main concern is heart rythmn probs but I would like to know the other side effects as well.. THANK YOU!!
  7. Hi all, I haven't been on here in AGES and I want to catch up with my old friends and all the new ones that I will be meeting on here. I have been off due to the fact that I was diagnosed with breast Cancer in FEB 07 and just finished all my treatments a few weeks ago.. I have a bit of difficulty typing due to the surgery and lymph node removal several months ago but I want to try and stay in contact on here as much as possible. Is there anyone else that has had POTS and cancer?? I would love to talk to you if you are out there!! Hope to hear from you all soon. Much love, Danelle (DANI)
  8. Once again, Thanks to you ALL, You are all a blessing to me. Sorry I havent' been on. I had my surgery last monday and am still very sore but wanted to get on and say Hi and see what was going on. Lois, I would LOVE to talk to you!! I think I see where I have a message from you, if it has your number I will call. Is there any certain time that is better for you? Thank you so much for your kindness. Janine, I lost ur number!! IM me at danirn_951~~still yahoo............. God bless you all and wish me luck, I get the results back of the pathology from my surgery tomorrow afternoon. Danelle
  9. First I want to say thanks to all of you for your support and kind words. Please do keep me and my family in your prayers. I am just sorry that my life took me away from my "other family" here on the site! I am overwhelmed again by the kind words and support that I find here. And it is only you guys that TRULY understand where I am coming from. I must say, this new journey I am about to undertake is terrifying but having your thoughts and prayers with me helps me tremendously. For those of you that remember me, my son is doing fair with his POTS. He is now 19 and in college but still continues to have problems with his, chest pain in particular. Keep him in your prayers as well. Yes, all my chemo will be infused intravenously (IV). I will be finding out what type after surgery but I do know that lots of the chemo drugs have effects on your heart so that is a huge concern on mine. On a lighter note, I will be able to pick out the long beautiful hair that I have always wanted!! The few wigs that I have tried on are gorgeous and you honestly can't tell that they are wigs. Any other responses will be greatly appreciated! And to those of you that I don't know, I look forward to getting to know you all over time. I won't be leaving the site for that length of time again,, the only way I will is if I am physically unable to get on. Best wishes and thanks to you all, Danelle
  10. Has anyone had experience with Chemo and POTS? I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am having surgery next monday(which is gonna be bad enough with the Pots) but then I have to go through 6 months of chemo then 6 weeks of radiation therapy. ANy advice would be greatly appreciated!! Hi to all my friends I haven't talked to in forever. Sorry I disappeared for a while but I am back!! Danelle
  11. Thanks for all the detailed responses. Don't know if I am gonna go through with it or not just yet because I am so POTSY right now anyway. BUt these responses give me something to think about. Hope all is doing lets POTSY than me and Derrick He has already missed 5 days of his senior year d/t the POTS Can't get meds regulated. He is starting to get pretty depressed because he is very social and loves his classes this year, plus it is his senior year. If we can get him through until Dec., he will be done with high school. Wish him luck and those of you who pray, please say a prayer for the both of us to improve. Thanks to you all, you are the greatest, Danelle
  12. Hi just wondering if anyone has had general anesthesia and had complications from it or surgery itself. I may be having surgery soon and was just wondering how POTS patients handle being "put to sleep". One of my main concerns is BP and HR of course but not only during surgery but for a day or two after. Does it make the palpitations and BP worse for a few days? I know I will need fluids and probably closer monitoring but what type? And is doing it in a dr's office safe for us???? In case you are wondering what type of surgery-vaginal(hopefully) hysterectomy, wisdom teeth cut out and extracted and later on breast augmentation. Hope all is doing well, haven't been on in a while. Thanks, Danelle
  13. thanks girls give me a day or two to read over it and i will get back to you!! danelle
  14. I know this has been a topic before (I think) but anyone who has beento the clinic and actually went through the experience, I would love to hear how it went for you, what they do, what you found out, etc. I have read about it on the website but they don't go into details about what they do, etc. Thanks my dear friends, Danelle
  15. Does anyone know when they will be doing the research project? is it too late to apply? It doesn't say on the site, atleast I didn't see it anywhere. Thanks
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