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  1. Thank you, this helps me feel a bit better about the whole situation.
  2. Thank you for all of this information. Although the idea of a lack of circulation to my brain is pretty concerning lol. Is this something that could damage the brain or is it just a functional issue?
  3. Does anyone else have problems with things like speech production, balance, and various mental processes? I know that brain fog is a huge part of pots but this seems to be something else and I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about symptoms like this. I almost constantly have slightly to moderately slurred speech. It feels like my tongue is just too heavy or slow or something. I also have issues saying words in the right order and replacing certain sounds like s and th. I’m also constantly in a “daze” and it feels like I’m one step away from reality, kinda like being drunk but without the fun parts lol. I got an MRI done about 6-7 months ago after the speech issues started but it came back normal. If anyone has any advice or can relate I’d appreciate your time. Thanks
  4. Well I definitely get pooling in my feet, hands and legs but my feet and hands are freezing cold, not warm. They were hot to the touch when this started which kinda leads me to believe that I have the high flow subtype and my body is trying to compensate by shooting off a bunch of adrenaline thereby causing a lot of peripheral vasoconstriction. Does this sound plausible? Also, are there differing prognosis’s for the different flow types or are they pretty much the same in that regard? Thanks
  5. This question is mostly geared towards the high flow/ low flow classification. I’m trying to figure out what kind medicine would be the most beneficial. This all started about a year and a half ago and the first symptom I remember experiencing was extremely cold fingers reminiscent of raynaulds syndrome, then the blood pooling started and my legs and feet were constantly bright red and hot to the touch when I was standing/sitting. However over time this has changed and now when the pooling occurs my legs, hands etc take on a more purplish hue and are normally cold. My feet are almost always freezing cold now even when I’m laying down, to the point that it’s painful. They also often have a mottled appearance. I haven’t taken any medication for this yet so I can’t say how any of that would affect me but I have had a few iv saline infusions that seemed to help a bit for about 3 hours lol. I’d say the most bothering symptom I have is brain fog to the point where it’s hard to talk and I often slur my words and what not. I am a 22 year old male of that matters. If anyone has any insight I’d appreciate your input. Thank you 😊
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