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  1. Has anyone experimented living some place else for a few weeks or months with the specific purpose of seeking improvement of symptoms? What about experiences actually moving? I remember moving to our current area 10 years ago. The first year I was well, but the second spring the allergies began and increased through out the years. With our children it was something similar. They began developing allergies at age 3 or 4. I wonder if we happened to move, the first year I would see improvement and be allergy free only to develop symptoms a year after the move... What do you think?
  2. Thank you Macca for your thoughts and ideas. It is very strange. I cannot pinpoint a single food that would be the culprit since our diet is pretty much the same here and in Mexico. Actually in Mexico I did eat everything! and felt so well - no GERD symptoms... My feeling is that Mast cells are active again reacting more so to the local allergens. We live in an area very high in grass and tree allergens. I am already on H1 and H2 blockers which improved the severe onset of dysautonomia a year ago. During the trip to Mexico I kept the meds exactly the same but my overall well being improved to my before dysautonomia state... Wish there were some of you out there that have felt better going to dyer, warmer places... have been reading that also altitude can make a difference with opposite results depending on the person.
  3. Hello dear all! We just came back to Oregon after a 3 week trip to Mexico. My husband and I are originally from there and went to visit family. This was my first trip after having been so sick and diagnosed with Dysautonomia and MCAS last year. Before we left I had improved with antihistamines and a tinny dose of Atenolol, but still GI sx remained together with brain fog, tiredness, sensory issues and a feeling of sadness or emotional ups and downs. On our way there I was tired but made it ok. As the days went by, I felt better, the GI sx improved a lot to the extent that I forgot about them. I felt my strength was back to normal and the brain fog gone. When we returned I was so happy to realize how much I had improved with the trip and renewed my regular activities at home with my old energy and clarity of mind. Exactly 9 days after being back, I woke up to the old GI symptoms. That day I felt how the Dysautonomia was back, not only GI sx but also the sensory issues, the fogginess and the tiredness were coming back... Has anybody else experienced this? It seems difficult to rule out my home or the area where we live as main factors. They imply living somewhere else! What would you do?
  4. Never heard of him but he surely sounds wonderful! I hope you do get to meet him and I that he can help your girls!
  5. Thank you all for being there and your replies. How greatful I feel for this forum! It’s hard, and we are used to finding a quick fix for things, illnesses and any discomfort. Not knowing what to do or how to make your child feel better is hard! We have been in this home for 10 years. Since he was little he had episodes of hives lasting weeks when any food would bring them back. Chronic diarrhea, asthma, ulcers in his mouth... a constellation of weird illnesses and some unusual behaviors that fluctuate. I’ve read stories here of people starting with symptoms from living in buildings with water damage. That made me wonder... Our doctors are used to seeing low Vit D levels in this area and don’t think much about supplementation. Our Vit D levels come always low (in the low 20’s) in winter. Have you experienced any difference with supplementation? Thanks again for your kindness and reassurance. We love our home! We’ve been so happy here all these years. Being worried about our home being harmful for our own family is not fun.
  6. First of all, I ask the Lord for strength and hope for all of us. I am trying to find support in your experience. I have been recently diagnosed with POTS and MCAS and in the ups and downs of all these strange and scary symptoms I am finding it very hard to notice more and more signs of dysautonomia/ MCAS in my 11yo son. It has crossed my mind multiple times that our illness may be related to environmental conditions but the thought of moving without proof is not logical. We are 6 in our family and only him and I have dysautonomia symptoms. But it seems to me that all winter everybody has symptoms of “getting sick” without obviously having a cold or an infection. We live in Oregon in a valley that is known for increased allergies in summer and mold issues in winter... However it seems to me that some of you started with dysautonomia while living in dry places... We have a well and water tests have always been good. Could it be pesticide from fields around us? It is exhausting to think all this, but at same time, how not to search for answers? for healing? Why there’s so many people with dysautonomia? Our food? Then I remember that I don’t have much strength or brains to figure it all out... so I come to you. May we grow in patience...perseverance ...and trust. Caty
  7. Danny and peachy, this is how my dysautonomia started- increased heartburn, taquicardia that would wake me up or that would begin as soon as I changed position in bed, the tachy came together with nausea and a shaky, a tremor feeling inside as well as teeth chattering, anxiety and hypersensitivity to sound. This happened early morning, just like you say. Symptoms have slowly improved with medication- I don’t have the tachycardia because I am on Atenolol, antihistamines help with the heartburn, the nausea, the fatigue and other esophageal symptoms I had during the day. But still last nigh I woke up shaking/ teeth chattering when I changed positivos in the early morning. This has remained. Of course the anxiety and crying and negative thoughts all come together. My dr. says this is typical of dysautonomia and it is high adrenaline at that time of day. For some reason symptoms had gotten worse this last week... Hope you are both feeling better. Like Pistol said, we have to use the meds if we want to feel better. Have to take the risk, and starting slow- with a tiny dose- makes side effects ( in case there’s any) tolerable or limited. Wish someone could tell us what meds might help. Someone has mentioned Clonidine but I can’t try it because my BP is Low. Please tell us how you are doing.
  8. As far as I can understand nothing to be worried about. The findings are in your sinuses... chronic congestion related? But I am no expert 😉
  9. My problems started August this year: first scary GI symptoms then POTS. Intense Gerd, esophageal spasms, dysphagia, intense nausea, and pots symptoms after trying to eat. I was diagnosed with MCAS and possible pots. After starting treatment for MCAS I saw an immediate improvement in the GI symptoms and they still continue to improve. Pots symptoms like fatigue, lightheadedness, have improved also. My doc said that most people with GI symptoms at the beginning of the disease have MCAS. I am on Zyrtec, Zantac, Quercetin and a tiny dose of Atenolol and much improved!
  10. Hi Jessica! You know how we have these symptoms in common. I am also considering Clonidine or Methyldopa... I’ve read Clonidine has less side effects but I guess it’s like everything, it depends on the person. My BP is on the low side 90/60. I am taking Atenolol right now to control HR and keep wondering if adding one of the two in a tiny dose could help with the night surges and all other hyper sx... Your BP is higher than mine it may be worth to try... I will ask my doctor next time. Like you, I don’t want to risk messing up things more. Hopefully someone with more experience can give you a better idea... I am doing better with MCAS tx but the fear and sadness come full force when I more symptomatic. MCAS treatment hasn’t fixed the hyperadrenergic state, but you know what? It has decreased it a bit... Have you considered MCAS? Hope you find something that works soon❤️ Big hug!
  11. Hi Lisa, I am new in all this. I started with symptoms a few months ago but GI issues have been as scary as the tachycardia for me. I have seen great improvement with MCAS treatment, I was started with Zyrtec and Zantac and I could see improvement the next day (started one and a few days later the other). It was crazy. The digestive sx are always there, when it’s time for the next dose I can feel it ( the nausea comes back and I feel sick overall). Have you explored a possible MCAS dx? I still struggle with hyperadrenergic sx, haven’t found a way to improve them yet, and I need atenolol for the tachycardia. But the GI is controlled with the antihistamines. A big hug and my prayers for you. Caty
  12. Oh blizzard I am so sorry! I am so glad that bad gallbladder has it’s hours counted Those chili cheese fries sound yummy! In the meantime I will accompany you with more modest eating. I am still afraid to eat. You sound like a very brave and strong person that has been through a lot with dysautonomia... Thank you for your example. I will be praying for you.
  13. Thank you so much for your thoughts and ideas. How much I want to understand all the physiology... we have the best incentive right? But then I also feel it takes a toll on me to read so much and try to have all the answers (impossible). But we need to become our best advocates! ...it’s a difficult balance. My prayers for all of you ❤️
  14. Hi Pistol, thank you for replying. My doctor didn’t seem familiar with adrenaline surges and gave me the option either way. I will be off meds next week for a couple of days for a formal TTT. I can wait to have the catecholamines done then or I can do it now with the meds on... What has been your experience?
  15. Hello dear all, I have a question: I am wondering if I should stop the Propranolol and the Antihistamines prior to a catecholamines test (laying down and standing). What has been your experience? My dr. said I didn’t have to be off the meds but it seems to me that these meds do affect the catecholamin levels and I would really like for it to be accurate.
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