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  1. Outaker

    Best Dysautonomia Clinic

    I hear stanford is the best.
  2. Outaker

    Hyper POTS

    You need to be on a blood pressure med. Message me
  3. Outaker

    Hyper POTS

    Hmm.. Im not sure if you have hyper pots rachel.. do you have orthostatic hypertenstion?
  4. Outaker

    Hyper POTS

    @haugr I believe she might be a member of the RAS club..
  5. Outaker

    Hyper POTS

    curious do you have tremors or muscle twitches? also do you pee alot?
  6. Outaker

    Hyper POTS

    Rachel you are describing my condition exactly. I am battling with nightly adrenaline storms at the moment until i get into stanford..
  7. Outaker

    What is an adrenaline storm?

    Indeed. Very tough to deal with. Have you had one? Are you in a state where every sound freaks you out ?
  8. Outaker

    Pics of my blood pressure.

    no one has figured out how to control their blood pressure ._.
  9. Outaker

    ER Monitor scared me!

    Whats your heart rate?
  10. Outaker

    Pics of my blood pressure.

    Any solutions to this issue? ideas?
  11. Outaker

    How many CT scans have you had?

    I had a full body. WEre you are BURBANK? LOL
  12. all opinions welcome..BP is great during day but beging to surge after 5PM
  13. Outaker

    Root Cause

    Maybe.. are you hyperadrenergic or regular?
  14. Outaker

    New — Could I have POTS?

    Yep sounds like hyper pots in my personal opinion bro