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  1. Rauwolfia drains norepinephrine which prevents huge surges in blood pressure.
  2. none of this is accurate if you block symphatetic overactivity.
  3. Rauwolfia’s effects on the heart include decreasing myocardial excitability, inhibiting atrial-ventricular conduction, and extending the refractory period of the heart rhythm.1 Much of the medicinal effects of Rauwolfia serpentina and Rauwolfia vomitoria have been attributed to the hypotensive indole alkaloid reserpine.2Additional alkaloids found in Rauwolfia roots include the indoles ajmaline, ajmalicine, raubasine, imethylajmaline, methylisoajmaline, hydroxysarpagine, yohimbinic acid, and isorauhimbinic acid.3 The constituent ajmaline is thought to be antiarrhythmic.4 Before the advent of the current pharmaceutical options for hypertension (beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and angiotensin-converting Inhibitors), reserpine was a mainstay in the management of hypertension. Reserpine acts via the CNS to reduce sympathetic tone, increase parasympathetic activity, and help normalize blood pressure, especially when because of stress and sympathetic nervous responses, as it may partially block adrenaline receptors.5 Reserpine’s ability to block adrenoreception on blood vessels can reduce stress-induced vasoconstriction contributing to hypertension or heart palpitations.
  4. Blizzard. You need to take 5htp or go on Zoloft in my opinion. You need your synapses drained of norepinephrine- THese are just my opinions- Can you do the clonidine patch? I know you take the pills. I am trying a new Herb to see if it helps. Rauwolfia -
  5. Nope just started researching this condition due to the adrenaline surges. I am looking to prevent any surges again in the future. Rauwolfia drains norepinephrine from your synapses by 70 percent. The first hypertension drug developed Reseprine was based on this herb's alkoloids.
  6. Hey ANgie have you tried rauwolfia?
  7. Angie how have you stopped them from occurring?
  8. What meds you on Filetrekker? Describe your anxiety..
  9. Best thing to do would be to get a kardia band and have your rhythm always monitored.
  10. Vtach is not a symptom of POTS. The probability of being in Vtach due to PVC's is very low.
  11. Ivabradkne and clonodine is the usual combo for hyper pots
  12. I suggest you ask your doctor for Labetalol or clonodine, to address the adrenaline surges.
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