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  1. Klonopin is what i started on and now have weened off since i figured out my disease.
  2. I fly all the time! I take the clonazepam before the flight.
  3. Clonidine is good stuff, in my experience.
  4. you ok? this happens alot to me.. Im gonna try moxonidine next
  5. Where do you live ? Can you get clonidine ?
  6. how high is your bp and is it sustained?
  7. Anyone else have this? where you feel adrenaline just hits your heart and your heart starts racing ._,
  8. What’s your plasma norepinephrine
  9. Whats your plasma norepi levels
  10. What do you like about this medicine
  11. What were you’re plasma norepinephrine levels ?
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