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  1. Hi, DYSarray I looked up this QSART test and do not understand how this sweat gland test can diagnose Dysautonomia, I know I do not hardly sweat at all. (lol) Maybe you can explain this somehow. My daughter is a critical care nurse at the neurology department at OSHU. So Maybe I should ask her, but she is mostly into nursing critical ill patients. I see they have also a better neurological department testing department also then in Washington State?I did a sniff test and it showed diaphragm paralysis. My pulmonologist said it was a neurological disorder. But still want to go ahead with Thor
  2. Hi, Morgan617 Yes, I have found out that it is hard to get a diagnosis for syncope in our state?. I see you live in Spokane.. Supposedly there is a good cardiology hospital there. It even does heart and lung transplants. You would think they would have some good other good medical personnel and equipment. I do not know what the EPS and the OI stand for? I searched all over the internet?. I have had an EMG sudy but they only did this on my right arm and leg, the neurologist did not want to touch my diaphragm muscle paralysis. It did show I had peripheral neuropathy in my legs Last Friday I went
  3. Hi, Erik I do not have COPD but I do interstitial lung diseases and getting worse by the month. I also do not have any problems with my liver. I have had many blood test done but do have high amonia in my blood. which is strange.... with no liver desease. Thank you for the suggestion I looked through the whole article and knowledge about everything is always good. Sorry for replying so late, I had a very hard day on friday and syncope on saturday... and could not write very well back..I am also trying to figure out this forum on how to post I do not seem to put the usally html tags in.. thank
  4. Thank you, Sandy I do not understand that they put you in the hospital right away, when it happens in a medical facility. Let you go home with not anything done. Last time I fell on my oxygen tank right inside a medical clinic. My partner is so anxious with anything I do that can cause some kind of fatigue. One time they wanted to do a test in the house with a monitor that I had to push if I was going to have a syncope ( all I know I feel warm all over me and I am gone, my partner pretty much got to scared. They did find I had. bradicardia, Tachycardia To be home alone is becoming scary and w
  5. Hi, All I am a Newby I have not been medical diagnosed with Dysautonomia, actually I never heard of POTS until someone posted this site in another group. I was not looking for this at all. I need answers for some of my medical problems. I know some of them like heart disease, Fatigue, interstitial lung disease (with no known cause yet besides that I have alveolitis and need to use oxygen)and Peripheral neuropathy and they found my that diaphragm during a sniff test is functioning appropriately on inspiration, expiration. But the diaphragm function is extremely limited. All of these symptoms w
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