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Happy Birthday


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i hope this new year will bring you improvement of health, lot of surprises, sunshine, the warmth of people who care for you and everything that makes your life worth to live and enjoy!!!


corina :)

(oh, and i'm really sorry i couldn't do something like the beautiful birthday cake that SP49 made for you!!)

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Hello All!!!

Thank you all for your messages...I'm just waking up and getting started with my day, and checking in here is always what I do before easing out of bed!

I didn't sleep so hot tonight, but we are having a VERY low-key day today! I'll chime in with the full bday report later!

Wareagle---you are on the ball girl! Thanks for posting right away and for your kind words...

and thanks you too, to the rest of you....love the graphic of the bday cake, and corina, i love you even if you can't post a pretty picture! :)

You all mean so much to me! Thanks,


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Thank you all for your kind words and well-wishes!

I REALLY appreciate it!

Just a little bday report (DizzyDame jogged my 'ol memory to 'report in' on the day!

I can't say I had symptom-free bday time, but I did have a beautiful birthday in the sense that it was filled with love.

Also, b/c my energy levels are so low, we basically spread out celebrating ALL week--so that was pretty nice! I felt kinda like I was turning thirty all over again b/c I got so spoiled.

On Saturday, my mom made dinner with local, farmers' market food--lamb chops, fresh corn on the cob, fresh cucumber and tomato salad. And the, a CAKE--pretty darned good for gluten-free/dairy-free.

On my actual bday, I saved all my energy to take phone calls from friends and family and got to talk to a lot of folks for little bits of time, although I still missed several folks while I was napping.

On Wednesday, my dad and stepmom came over and we had dinner together. I made them go to Wegman's and get fresh sushi for me! Yummy!

Throughout the week, I've been spreading out opening packages and cards and eating cake (which is now, sadly, gone. :rolleyes:)

I did a much better job this year spreading things out so that I would not be so overwhelmed and then be sad that I got so sick from the exertion.

I also didn't really have any 'expectations' since last year was such a big bday, so, I felt extra blessed.

As many of you know, last year, around this time I was feeling very, very blue--and very sad about starting out another decade of life so sick.

This year, I felt so much more hope. I know I have a LONG ways to go, but I feel for the first time that maybe, just maybe, I can have improved quality of life and that made this birthday really special.

I thank you all for the gift of YOU and the gift of DINET...


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HAppy Belated birthday dear emily!! so sorry that i couldnt respond before now!!

Im glad that you had a nice birthday week!.. and had yummy cake !! MMMMMMM!! :ph34r:



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