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Father in law needs surgery


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Just found out my father in law has to get lung surgery (cancer) on Thursday. So I am asking for prayers or healing thoughts from all my friends. His name is Dan and he is a wonderful man. He will be ok but it is very scary and sad. So think good thoughts for him on thursday and i pray that everything goes well and he is ok.

I also have some doctors appointments coming up new PCP on Friday and new Neuro for headaches next tuesday so a few good thoughts for that too would be good.

Sorry I have not been on much will try and come on after all my doctors and give some support back..



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Hi, I am going to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Don't forget to get some rest, you got alot going on.

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I am so sorry to hear that about your father-in-law. I'll definitely keep him in my prayers that the surgery is a success and that he comes through with flying colors.

Keep us posted on your upcoming doctors appts. I hope you find some relief / solutions to some of your symptoms.



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Hi! I'm sorry to hear the news that your father-in-law needs surgery and I will definately keep him and your families in my prayers!!!

I hope you have successful Dr appt's yourself and get the answers you are seeking.

Hang in there!! Don't feel bad about not posting much...I think most of us understand what it's like to feel so crummy and have so little energy and not be able to offer support in the ways we would sometimes like. It all ebbs and flows with folks like us and I'm confident that when you are able, you will post and offer support to others, meanwhile, let us support you while you need us and DO NOT feel guilty about it!!!! We DO understand. ;)

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Stacey, it's good to see your name again on the forum, but sorry to see that it's for such tough news. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Nina

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Thank you all soooooooooooooooooooooo much! It means the world to me to know you are out there and thinking of me and him!

I appreciate all the support and send hugs to all of you!

Will let you know how everything turns out!

Wishing you some good days!

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Thank you all so much. He made it through surgery just fine and what they thought might be cancer that had spread is a fungal infection so they got all the cancer and now only have to treat the fungus. Which is the best news of all. He will be in hospital about a week and then will come home. Thank goodness!

My new PCP cancelled my appointment again. SO I am not sure if he will be my new PCP. I had an appointment scheduled on Jan 3 he rescheduled unitl today and this morning they called and rescheduled until Feb 24th. He has hurt his back and I underatnd the need for rescheduling but why so long... Well hopefully I can see the New neuro on Tuesday.

Again I thank you sooooooooo much for all your thoughts and prayers it really helped me to know you were all out there.

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stacey -

i didn't get a chance to reply before thursday but had read your post & you, your father-in-law, & the rest of your family were certainly in my thoughts and prayers. i'm so glad to hear that things went as well as they did and hope that the treatment for the fungal condition does what it needs to do ASAP.

and i'm SO sorry to hear about your frustrations with your PCP appt. if i were you i would definitely be re-evaluating too. finding new docs is SUCH a pain as is much less when they keep cancelling/rescheduling. i do hope that your neuro appt on tuesday goes well though. let us know if you're able.

keep on hangin in there,

:rolleyes: melissa

p.s. so good to "see" you...though obviously wish it was under better circumstances. we miss you!

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Guest tearose

Hi Stacey, I too was happy to see you post and once again sorry to hear of the continuing struggle with your father-in-law.

As always, my most healing thoughts go out to him and your family.

Please take extra care of you too at this time.

hugs, tearose

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