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(My posts aren't quite as pretty as steph's, but just imagine, k?)


you now have a year more of wisdom to impart to us...

here's hoping that this will be the start of a bright beautiful year that is just as filled with super stuff as the past year has been filled with tough stuff...or even more so.

and for the day, i hope that your mom is making or otherwise acquiring some yummy gluten-free treats for your special day??

did asher go shopping for you??

we're all so glad that you're a part of the forum & our lives....thanks for being YOU

love & hugs & smiles & health & everything else that your heart desires,

;) melissa

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Melissa, you beat me!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you do it!!!!!!!! ;);)B)

Hi Emily

Happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday dear EMILYYYYYYYYYYY

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!

Well, this is my birthday song for you. I hope you'll have a real nice day and that you will do better and better each day!!!

Corina :D

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hey you two night owls! (although it is what time where you are corina?) like, 7 am?

aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhh! i can't sleep, so here, i log on and VOILA! this post from you two and we are all online at the same time! and that made it even more special!

thanks so much! ;) you both rock! thanks for taking time out of your studying melissa to post!

love, em

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so, am i officially thirty b/c it is officially october 10th? or do you turn your official age at the time you were born...in that case i have a few more hours?

aaaacckk! 30 feels weird.

melissa--you did pretty darn good with the pretty colors. and the sweet words.

corina--i heard you singing all the way across the atlantic. and, i'm listening to bbc world news right now from london--so i feel close to you that way! it's soooo sad though b/c it is all about the earthquake. as for the colors--i'm not much better or much more successful with them! oh well!

anyways, i will write more later...but i thought i was going to be dreading this birthday--and i was for long time. and then i thought i was at peace about it--but maybe i'm not? since i'm not sleeping? hmmmm....

okay, not making any sense at 1 am...i shall try sleep again and just say a big THANKS for remembering and thinking of me...

i'm really hoping that this decade, that age 30 is the start of healing...

hugs to my potspals,


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Heyyyyy Emily,

there you are. Do you want me to sing again for you?????

Well it's great to meet you right at this moment. But I'm back to bed (I was up at 6 helping my son go to school). I really thought I would be the first one congratulating you today. Well, Melissa did a great job (especially with the colors!!!)

Think you better get some sleep now! Do you want me to send you some?????


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Happy Birthday!!!!!! ;);)B) Hope your day is special and that 30 will bring many good and exciting things your way including much better health.

Did Asher sing Happy Birthday to you yet?

I hope you are able to enjoy the day and celebrate. Hey, if you can have a drink maybe that will help you sleep (might also make your bp drop too though?) Just a thought...not saying party hard or anything but maybe something light? Or you could make a virgin drink and pretend it has alcohol and act yourself silly.

Hope you get some sleep.

Eat some cake. Have you tried any of the cakes made of rice flour?

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Now, I thought I was doing good, I can't sleep either and it 4:30 am and thought I would be the first one. But glad she saw wishes as soon as her birthday turned over. Ok here is my song joined virtually in by the Gilmore Girls

hem hem B)

RG: Happy Birthday to You! LG and ME: Go Emily!

RG: Happy Birthday to You! LG and ME: It's your Birthday

RG: Happy Birthday Dear Dancing Liggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggght(very pretty note Rory!)

LG and ME:Go Go Go Dancing Light

LG:Dancing Light isn't that pretty makes you think of happiness and friendship and shopping!

RG: Mom shoppping?????

LG: Well we could get something for dancing light aka Em too.

Happy Birthday to Yooooooooooooooooooooooo!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Emily! ( done with very nice cheer and dance move you should have seen it)


My first wish is that your doorbell tings and the 5 people you wished for your celebrity hot tub are there with a hot tub ( but not to hot or you would faint :)) Lets see it was TM, JC,BS,SP, and LW and since it is your birthday your husband Sting! :)

Truly em, I hope you have a Happy Birthday and wish you happiness, light, hope, getting better and more than anything the friendship, support and love you have given me.

Sorry its a bit goofy but could not resist.

with love,

Stacey aka cc :-)

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Hey Emily, I'm wishing you the best darned 30th birthday ever!! ;) Thirtly is nothing to fret about. It's all about attitude baby!! B) Well, I'm sending you a yummy gluten free cake with only 1 candle on it, so you don't get tired blowing out 30 of them! ;) So make wish and I hope you get back to sleep with sweet dreams.

P.S. It looks like we have a lot of night owls up tonight/ this morning.



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Happy 30th Birthday Emily!!

You have been a great friend to me, and a great friend to the forum, see how many people stayed up late to wish you a happy birthday?! --I wanted to, but my CVS had a different idea of what to do a midnight! ;)

I wish you a wonderful year, and actually a wonderful new decade ahead!

I read your new blog yesterday and LOVED it! :D

I think it was a God moment that brought us together too! ;) Sharing 7 POTS years, surgery et al, and I have a truly wonderful friend, despite the ugly reason that brought us together! B)

I only hope you start to improve soon, and sort of get back on track with me! Year 7 was our worst, can 8 bring some serious changes for the BETTER? You seem to be finding new avenues that could lead to answers, and if anything, we always know we have HOPE! :D:D:) And I know neither of us will let that go!

I hope Asher gives you b'day kisses! And you have a wonderful day Miss Emily! I am thinking of you! :)

And uh, this may make you smile too, even though it makes me more sick than CVS!...........way to go PENN STATE!! :):):D

Take care


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Happy Birthday- the best is yet to come. Okay, I've watched too much Desperate Housewives- but seriously, the thirties are cool in their own way. Have an amazing year!


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I had a piece of cake to celebrate (yes real cake, not cyber cake!) with vanilla frosting and lots of pretty coloured sprinkles. :)

It even had an extra dose of purple ones in honour of your posts! :)

Hope your day is beautiful and shining!

Lets us know what surprises your family concocts!

Angela :P

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I hope that you day is wonderful.... and that you are feeling ok today... happy B-day girl!!


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Don't worry about 30..just remember..it's the new 20!! I have been using a system since I turned 25..it works like this. Once I hit 25 I started getting younger..so instead of becoming 30 next May..I'll be 20...works really well my friends all like this system very much!!

I hope you have a wonderful day and that this year brings you better health and lots of happiness! :P:):)

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I cannot believe how many of you were up in the middle of the night too! :P

I just feel sooooo loved and LOVE your colorful and silly and serious and creative posts!

So far, I am having a good birthday--I don't feel grand, but I feel super-duper LOVED...and that's the best.

I'll update you all more later on the day (probably tomorrow? if I'm all tuckered out today? we'll see...i want to share about TURNING 30 and all that jazz!


love, em

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I had a day filled with LOTS of LOVE and SUPPORT...(and good food! :P)...

I may, however, crash for an entire week...and I'm still waiting for the 'pain-free day fairy'--how come we don't get a day off from being sick???? :)

Thanks again all...I owe many of you longer and more thankful response...but until then...know how much I appreciated all of your bday wishes and love...I can FEEL it! :)

More to share later....

Later alligators!


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Guest Julia59

Happy Birthday Emily!

Tonight i'm having a POTS guest from out of town. This time their not seeing Dr. Grubb, but here with family. She will stay at my house until her train takes off tonight.

After we eat dinner-----we'll have some ice cream and celebrate your birthday!


I hope you have a great year filled with all kinds of blessings.

Julie :0)

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