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What made you choose your username?

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I just thought there are some really unusual usernames on here, wouldn't it be interesting if we all said a bit about why we have the ones we do? :)

I'll go first...

Persephone is related to my experience of dysautonomia.

For those of you who don't know, Persephone was a Greek Goddess of the underworld. She was collecting flowers one day in the sunshine and living a happy life when all of a sudden,from NOWHERE the god of the underworld snatched her away to his kingdom under the earth where spirits of the dead live. :o Demeter, her mother, was goddess of harvest and out of grief made the earth cold so the crops died- that's how winter came about. :unsure:

In the end she struck a deal with Hades who agreed that for half the year Persephone could stay on earth with her mother (the earth is ok then- that's spring and summer time). But the other half would be spent in the underworld with him- autumn and winter :( . This myth is actually to explain the seasons and why they exist, but I've always been drawn to the actual story.

I think POTS was a bit like Hades for me- I was minding my own business quite happily when BANG- it hit me hard, too, and took me into a very dark place, away from the light and happiness I'd known. :ph34r::ph34r:

And because my POTS seems to run in cycles, I feel very much like half my life is spent sick and half well. So I can identify on that level too. :unsure:

It's not all bad though- without the darkness, we wouldn't appreciate the light. B)

So that's why I'm Persephone...I really did feel at the time that POTS had robbed me of half my life. B)

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:unsure: i like this thread! some of our names are more obvious but for those that aren't...good idea persephone!

so....the makings of "sunfish":

essentially it's a melding of my longtime nickname sunshine with my always being a bit of a fish & a newfound meaning of my fishness in terms of dysautonomia. i'll explain....


my dad has called me sunshine since i was little. in college i rowed & one of my good buds started calling me sunshine b/c of my early morning (5am!) cheeriness combined with my bright yellow windbreaker. when she heard it had already been my nickname for years it stuck.


i've always been a fish of sorts. i was practically swimming on my own before i could walk and always loved the water. i swam for fun & competitively in any available water - pools, lakes, oceans - and followed that by years of lifeguarding (despite several blackouts on the job...er....probably not the best?) and coaching swim teams & teaching swim lessons to swimmers from 6 months old to 87 (yep, seriously). i kept up with the teaching/coaching on & off to some degree until this past winter when my body took its nosedive of sorts. in the water i often feel my best, which leads me to...

the other meaning of my life as a fish. when i was diagnosed dr. grubb explained the water phenomenon to me, already knowing i was a swimmer. first of all when swimming i'm largely horizontal...never a bad thing. secondly the water provides compression around the entire body; it's similar to wearing hardcore support hose on the entire body. thus it helps with blood flow, circulation, etc. so...no surprise that i was happy in the water. we thus joked that i would be better off if only i had been born a fish B) so...over the years i came up with the "fish out of water" phrase as my mantra of sorts. and then living in baltimore, the city's "statue" project (like the cows & whatnot in various cities) was fish all over the place...how grand. and the project ended up being called "fish out of water"! oh...if only i had the copyright!! nonetheless, i did get myself a "fish out of water" t-shirt on clearance at the end of the fun. and when i write my book someday i've got my title.

so i'm a fish out of water. my body isn't quite cut out for this landlife.

but i'm sticking with the sunshine too. it keeps me going...i was in annie when little and still love "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...." (lalalala :) )

and thus i'm a sunfish out of water. and that's a bit on the long side, so i'm a sunfish.

that's my story and i'm stickin to it.

:-)melissa the sunfish :unsure: (better keep those shades on!)

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MightyMouse comes from ... well... the fact that I'm very short...

and that even with my handicaps, I seem to be able to keep going and do more than I ever thought I could...

i could have been "energizer bunny", but I have no energy.

also, I love the word mighty's irony in comparisson to my small size...it's a reminder that life is about more than what you look like, or even what you feel like. Thinking mighty thoughts is a great thing... and what you think upon, grows (a little buddhist way of being).


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Mine is not complicated: My full name is Ernestine and Ernie is the short form. I know that in English it is a male's name but I am female.

Sunfish: I used to be a lifeguard and swimming instructor. I always said that I should have been born a fish because I am much more healthy in the water. I was just swimming a few minutes ago and it felt so great.


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That's the ticket! Anyone know Jon Lovitz the compulsive liar on Saturday night live? I never watched it, but my husband thought the show was a hoot and one day just started calling me Morgan. Love is sooooo blind, he actually believed I looked a little like Morgan Fairchild, and so told his computer buddies that was my name, with the that's the ticket logo at the end. And that's how I got my name.

Sadly, :rolleyes: he doesn't say that anymore. Yesterday in the lawyers office, one of the lawyers came out and looked at me and said hi Audrey. I told him I wasn't Audrey, maybe I just looked liked her? He said yes you look exactly like her. Then he left. About 5 minutes later a woman walked in. She was about 8 inches taller than me, about 75 years old, a totally wrinkled face, with a ponytail of totally gray hair. The receptionist said, you guessed it, hi Audrey. :ph34r:

My friend looked at me and I said I think an extreme makeover. She was snorting. She said he didn't look at you. I said we were making total eye contact. The girls behind us weren't saying anything. The guy came and got her and I sent a death laser with my eyes his way. His face turned all red, from the laser no doubt. After they left, I turned around to the girls and said I hoped he wasn't paying me a compliment. They both were trying so hard not to laugh. But what are you gonna do.

By the way, I'm 4'11" 110 pounds, barely any wrinkles, and the only thing we had in common was a pony tail, except mine is about 1 1/2 inches long and curled like a pig's tail and hers went down to her waist. :o Just call me morgan,

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I attended Auburn University in Alabama...Football is HUGE down here in the south..it's not just a "game" it's a way of life..literally. We are the Auburn Tigers...BUT our mantra is WAR EAGLE. So, we have a tiger as a mascot..who's name is Aubie..and we have an eagle that flys at our games named..Tiger..anyone confused yet? :ph34r:

I moved to Auburn from Dallas, TX and it took me awhile to figure it all out..there are several stories on how War Eagle came about..I'll tell you my favorite.

The legend goes..many years ago a soldier was fighting in a battle when he found a wounded eagle. The soldier nurses the eagle back to health and returns home..to Alabama with the magestic bird...The soldier..being a true southerner brings the eagle with him to watch his beloved Auburn Tigers play their arch rivals the Georgia Bulldogs...(or something like that)..during the game the Tigers were struggling and loosing their spirit..suddenly without warning the eagle takes flight..it soars around the field circling the players..the crowd is inspired and begins chanting WAR EAGLE...the Tigers then pull themselves up out of the trenches and win the game. Since that day our "battle cry" has been War Eagle.

Till this day our games are opened with Tiger taking flight and circling the field before landing on the 50 yd. line...it's really an amazing feeling being surrounded by thousands of people crying WAR EAGLE as she flys around the stadium. :o

So that's why I chose it as my user name..it reminds me to have heart, stay strong, and always keep up the fight.

War eagle fly down the field..ever to conquer..never to yeild..war eagle fearless and true..fight on you orange and blue!!!!

Wow..now I'm really ready for football season to start :rolleyes:

Thanks for the topic Pers!!!

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Dawg Tired??? Hmmm - I guess the fatigue got to me in a major way! Dawg is spelled that way instead of d-o-g because I'm a hillbilly. You know, like one of Jeff Foxworthy's rednecks! (For those of you that don't know - Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian who explains a redneck as a person with a "Glorious lack of sophistication") Yep - I grew up in Arkansas.

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Good Topic!!

I love Winnie-the-Pooh and all the characters. My friends nicknamed me poohbear and it has stuck.

I like all of your stories!

Dawg Tired--Jeff Foxworthy lives about 20 miles from my house. I've met him before...he's so nice!! He is very active in this community.

War Eagle, Oops! I'm from GA Bulldog country :ph34r::rolleyes: Although, my favorite college team is University of Tennessee.

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Great topic Persephone... and I've wondered about your name and many others!

I use Roselover because... you guessed it... I love roses! I over 50 rose bushes and I have won trophies at local rose shows. I think they've been my favorite flower ever since my mom bought me a Peace rose when I was a little girl. It was in a pot on our patio and I was in charge of taking care of it. Been hooked ever since.

I don't ususally sign my real name ususally because we often suggest Potsplace to people who want to understand and I was afraid some might check out the forum and I wanted some privacy. Not from you guys, but from family and the many people my husband works with.

Love this topic - love this forum!!!!


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I chose Calypso because I have always loved Calypso music for its rhythmic, sharp style. I think it's very powerful as well -- most Calypso lyrics are satirical or have a message. I also love to dance and try to picture myself dancing when I feel ill to try to cheer myself up. This may sound totally odd, but I hope that if there's truly a heaven or afterlife, I want my job there to be a dancer. It was one of my dreams that I couldn't really pursue.

I just looked up Calypso in the dictionary to see what else it means and found this: "In Homer's 'Odyssey,' a sea nymph who keeps Odysseus on her island for seven years." I find this funny, because I sometimes joke with my husband that he has become my prisoner of war because of my POTS -- because he can't do the things he used to mainly because I can't. So now I guess Calypso has a double meaning for me!


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Guest Julia59


Julia59------------Julia is my true birth name, but most folks call me Julie. I just think Julia sounds snobby, and i'm far from a snob---and the 59 is the year I was born.

Also not real creative---but I was creative once. Life's realities have kind of put my creativity on the back burner---so I can focus all my energies on finding a way around all the unfairness of this.

Julie :0)

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Great idea...I chose my name based upon my daughter's iceskating achievements. She is working (in her spare time) on completing the two dances left to earn her a gold medal. Her spirit in iceskating despite some nasty judging and her perserverance in spite of it seemed like good qualities to emulate!

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I definetly deserve a big fat "0" in the creativity dept.

Jenn is my nickname for Jennifer and 202 Is my road number. I use this name for most of my online things so that I will not forget...especially passwords.

Yes I think I have become officially braindead lately! LOL :D

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Guest GayleP

No creativity on my end either. Gayle is my real name. When I joined this board I was new to message boards and wasn't aware I could use a made up name.

Morgan, Sorry but I had to laugh at your Audrey story. :D

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well not alot of creativity went into mine either. dizzy... because i am always dizzy.. and girl.. well hey i Just A Girl!

and dizzygirl... was born... LO)L

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For Joyrose, I wanted something that expressed the depth of joy that I have in my heart. I love to touch, smell, paint, photogragh, and arrange roses.

Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 10:8

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Well, now I feel the need to come up with a new user name. Mine was just my old e-mail from when I was working. Honestly, I am way more creative than that (and fun too). I just figured at the time that it would be easy to remember. B)


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years ago i and my family used to reenact the fur trade era(1780"s to 1810), you know, camping, trading furs, cast iron dutch ovens(humm-apple pie), more clothes than anyone in thier right miind would wear in 100 degree weather. just before i came to South Dakota to go to college, i met a really nice indian shaman(Lakota Sioux) and he told me that i should have a name for the rendevous- and he picked-you guessed it- blackwolf. he informed me the last day i was there, that my animal totem was the wolf(though a loner, smart and can work with others or alone-me to a T), and my spirit guardians were the earth(color black) and the night sky. ok, ok, i know a little out there, but living in sd, you kinda get used to that kinda of thing. that was back in 1990, it has stuck ever since.


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