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  1. Back in April 2019 I went to see the chiropractor because of my collar bones that kept grinding and felt misaligned due to an injury to them years ago. I saw the chiropractor 4-5 times and during those times he adjusted my collar bones as well as my neck because I was there anyways so why not? I cant say if it actually did anything to benefit the the alignment of my collarbones. In fact I would say it made it slightly worse as the grinding is ever more prominent now. Anyways during that month I noticed that I was increasingly getting exercise intolerant and having a pounding heart when trying to exercise especially at school. I also kept getting much more fatigued during that time. I just thought I was really out of shape despite being skinny. A month later I got hit with some weird sort of illness and haven't been the same since. That's when I figured out I had pots and yadda yadda yadda. I've been thinking a lot lately if those chiropractor appointments could have contributed to myself getting pots. I know it sounds far fetched but after reading how a lot of people developed pots after head/neck injuries it seems something to look into. I've also been getting more occipital headaches than before and having a heavy fullness feeling in my head certain days. My neck hasn't felt the same either as it's harder to keep it upright when standing. Also the muscles feel overly lax. Should I go back to the chiropractor to get readjusted or tell him my theory? Or is all this improbable? I know that people who have EDS shouldn't get their joints adjusted a bunch unless under specialized care because they increase stretching out the joints and ligaments. Could have getting my neck adjusted a lot disrupted CSF flow? Or could it have contributed to head/neck instability? I'm just trying to go down every avenue as to why I got this and to see if there are more ways to treat it. This could totally have nothing to do with this. Thoughts?
  2. I also get this after taking a shower. I also think it has to do with the heat dilating the vessels and making them look more apparent. I have lots of issues with my veins dilating so it happens pretty often.
  3. No way I always used to watch the Wiggles when I was little. Had no idea that he has dysautonomia. Really glad that he's doing much better and that no complications happened. Hopefully more people will be aware of this condition through him.
  4. Yes I get really sharp pains in my heart as well. I can also get dull pains and burning pains too. If it only happens once and briefly I usually brush it off and don't think about it but its when they last a long time or keep coming back when I start to get worried. Most of the time the worry isn't needed though as heart attacks present differently. If you can pinpoint the location of the pain it's usually harmless. It's just the sheer uncomfort and pain that is worrying for me and what is really causing it. I also get really sharp pains right underneath my left ribcage away from my heart. To be honest I don't know what really causes it but I wish I knew. I don't believe that anxiety is the culprit as a lot of the times it just comes out of no where without me being anxious at all. However whatever it is it's most likely nothing to worry about. Here's a good video that explains heart pains and how to differentiate when it's an actual medical emergency: https://youtu.be/e-Iw_EKz8TI Hope you are doing better now and pain free!
  5. @Pistol Ahh okay didn't know that. Thanks for the info!
  6. 25-30 min after eating I got up to look for something in my dresser drawer. After finding what I needed I looked down and realized my knees were abnormally more red than usual. I turned on the hallway light and was shocked at what I saw. My entire leg and lower calf was engulfed in red and white splotches. Now I am used to a little blood pooling around my knees. However this was something I've never experienced before. It almost looked liked a severe allergic reaction which I almost thought it was at first. I called my mom up to see and she freaked out. Anyways I quickly went back and laid on my bed and within a couple seconds my legs went pale so now I know it was blood pooling. Just a couple of days ago I noticed less blood pooling around my knees which made me happy as I was improving. So for this to happen so suddenly was discouraging. Naturally trying to be the detective I am, I think that in combination with getting up quickly right after eating caused me to have exaggerated pooling in my legs as blood was already pooling to digest the food. I took a quercetin with bromelain supplement which has anti-coagulating effects so I wonder if that could have caused the blood to pool so suddenly. I've been taking high amounts of fish oil daily as well which is also known to have blood thinning effects. Could this have made my blood too thin? I know if it sounds far fetched I'm just trying to rationalize what happened here. Anyways here are some pictures that I tried to take. I couldn't get the lighting right and the colors were much more exaggerated in person compared to what it looks like in the photos. I believe this is called dependant acrocyanosis.
  7. @Pistol Do you think excessive histamine release in the blood could cause this? I know histamine can dilate the vessels and lower blood pressure so could it possibly do this too? Or is it just the autonomic system going wonky again? I personally think there is some sort of chemical or hormone getting released in the blood stream that is causing this.
  8. @htberg That's interesting that you mention that. I still don't know if it was too much calcium in the bloodstream that caused it but I'm probably going to start up the vitamin d again tomorrow to see what happens. Usually hypercalcemia presents with other symptoms not really slow breathing but I feel like anything is possible. I also believe it's mainly the autonomic nervous system not performing right and that's why it happens. It's just I haven't had that happen in such a long time. If I get it again with the vitamin d supplemention then I think I have the answer.
  9. @Pistol Yeah I was checking my pulse ox periodically and my oxygen was fine. It was the feeling and constant thinking about breathing that was troubling. It continued like that for at least 2 hours after posting and it finally passed and then I could go to sleep. I have not had that sensation ever since I first got sick. I was over supplementing at the time and when stopping the vitamin drink I was taking during that period I never really had the sensation again until last night. The vitamin drink both had high levels of d and calcium in it along with other vitamins. I only really took vitamin d last night so I guess I made a connection to how it felt when I was taking the vitamin complex. It really shouldn't have done that as I've been taking regular levels but with my body all out of wack I guess anything could be possible.
  10. Does anyone have problems with slow breathing? It's like my lungs are having trouble filling up with enough air and it's doing it at 3 times slower the normal speed of breathing. So I have to manually keep thinking on how to breathe just to try to get oxygen. It's like if I don't remind myself how to breathe I'll stop breathing. I also have an abnormally lower heart rate which is in the low 50's. The breathing is pretty bad and is preventing me from going to sleep and I don't know whats going on. I took 2000 iu vitamin d many hours ago with a meal but my stomach is so sluggish that i think it's just absorbing now. I know too much vitamin d can cause lethargy and sleepiness but that couldn't be it could it? I've been taking it every day but that couldn't possibly be enough to cause toxic levels. I've only been taking this level for about a month and sometimes doubling it on certain days. I know hypercalcemia can cause all sorts of problems in the body and also bradycardia sometimes. I really don't know what to do as it's getting pretty bad. Any thoughts?
  11. I seem to always react to something no matter what I eat. I think it's more of a physical reaction rather than allergic. Some times immediately after eating I get tachycardia. Other times it's this horrible anxiety/impending doom feeling. I also get the internal vibration and a "dropping" sort of sensation. If I do eat something I'm allergic to my body in general just starts to freak out. I've started avoiding Gluten and dairy and limiting my sugar intake and that has already helped me a lot. I've also been taking a digestive enzyme which seems to be helping some of the symptoms. Hopefully these symptoms will all resolve for us soon.
  12. So I know this is a really strange question but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case anyone else can bring any insight. I realized after getting sick that my neck felt different. I noticed that when lying down my neck muscles would become really lax and soft. If I stood up they felt normal yet immediately when laying down they would become soft again. It is so lax that I can actually feel just about every vertebrae in my neck using my fingers believe it or not. Thinking I was going crazy I tested this out on my parents and they had a firm neck neck standing and reclined. I'm pretty sure I have joint hypermobility syndrome and I know that people's connective tissue is generally more weak compared to others. Could this be the reason for this? I'm also looking into Cranio Cervical Instability as a reason for some of my problems and I know that their neck muscles and vertebrae are not strong enough to support their head. Also a month before getting sick I went to the chiropractor for an unrelated issue and the chiropractor decided to crack my neck/spine while I was there. I got this done on at least four or five different occasions. Ever since then I have had a grinding sensation in my neck only there is no pain. Could this have contributed to this issue as well? I don't expect anyone to relate to this as I know it's kind of a weird problem.
  13. Hey @Gabe15024 I just turned 19 and got Pots back in May from what I believe to be some sort of virus. I don't know why my doctors never tested for what it could be. I suspect Epstein Barr but I wouldn't know. That's great to hear that your treatment actually seemed to get rid of the orthostatic tachycardia. My question is do you still have other symptoms that didn't go away or are you more or less completely healed?
  14. Update: I just got back from the optometrist and my eyes came back totally normal. I explained to him about the extreme light sensitivity, flashing lights, dry eye, and abnormal pupil dilation but he didn't think much of it and tried to explain it away which is understandable. I came back with 20/20 vision which I expected as I've had that my whole life. Strangely though he still wanted me to get glasses and said that I was far sighted. He admitted that I had good far and near sight yet still pushed for it. It was kind of strange but I have the prescription for it now and can get them whenever I want. I'm probably not as I honestly don't see a need for it. Anyways the symptoms are still troubling but a basic eye exam showed nothing wrong physically. Hopefully seeing the nuerologist next month might provide some more insight.
  15. Does anyone have experience with ashwagandha helping them. I took it awhile back and it seemed to help my stress response and make me feel better. My endocrinologist also seems to like it. I'd like to hear your thoughts before taking it again because I seem to have hyper-sensitivities to things that even had helped me in the past. Just want some surety thanks.
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