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  1. Hey just want to say that you should definitely pursue to get more imaging done on your neck/brain. Neck injuries have been a known cause for dysautonomia. I have POTS and didn't know what was causing it. It turns out I have very bad neck instability especially at my C1 area. I got injured over a year ago due to chiropractic neck manipulations and then getting sick with an illness that drove an inflammatory process in my body. I've also had many concussions years ago which could have done something. Because of my neck instability, my vagus nerves are damaged and my brain-stem is being compress
  2. Almost every time I eat something my breathing seems to be effected. If I start chewing and try to swallow it's like the signal to my brain won't go through and my breathing just stops. This is followed by confusion and panic. It also feels like there is a chemical reaction going off in my brain contributing to symptoms. This was kind of vague - sorry but does anyone else experience anything similar?
  3. In my personal experience, I can definitely see this to be true. When I did my tilt table test a year ago it was a very positive sign for POTS or at least some form of dysautonomia. The nurses doing the test even thought so. However when my cardiologist reviewed the results he basically said I had a 0% chance of having POTS if I remember correctly. One reason being is because I didn't have symptoms for greater than six months. He came off very rude and said I was just dehydrated. He also kept asking why I was so anxious and to get my anxiety under control. My impression of him at the time was
  4. Yep. I relate to alot of those symptoms. Not fun at all. Thanks for replying.
  5. @Pistol Is your resting blood pressure low or on the higher side? Or perhaps the steroids would cause one of those dreaded adrenaline surges? I get the adrenaline surges sometimes but my baseline BP is usually pretty low. Interesting that the cream doesn't affect you. Thanks.
  6. So I know lots of people experience this where their heart seems to be beating extra hard for no reason, but I was wondering if anybody else can feel it all around their body? It pounds in my fingers, hands, neck, stomach, back of head, my back, in my knees, and even nose/lips even. It gets more intense after certain foods I eat but it pretty much does it with all foods now unlike before. It's like all my arteries swell up and start to forcibly beat with no good reason. I believe this could be a histamine reaction as when I take Claritin it can lower the force of it. This is one of my most ann
  7. Has anyone tried Budesonide for issues with their gut? It is a mild steroid that generally only effects the gut and isn't systemic like other steroids. It's also used to treat different eosinophilic disorders. It doesn't seem like it's that well known which is why I'm wondering if any of you guys have experiences with it. Thanks.
  8. Do they seem to help or make things worse? Did they help more short term or long term? I guess it depends on what conditions you are using them for but please let me know I'm curious to hear your experiences.
  9. Hello everyone. I was wondering what are some of your classic MCAS symptoms? Anything that can be tied back to them I would want to know more of including any strange symptoms that are associated with them. Thanks.
  10. Hello. So last night I was trying to go to sleep for probably around 2 hours in bed. I honestly wasn't anxious or worrying about much. Out of nowhere I started to feel extremely nauseous. My body then started to heat up and burn. I ran over to the bathroom and started gagging not knowing what to do. While standing up my heart rate started absolutely freaking out. I then started to tremble all over. Knowing this was a bad sign I ran over to my bed and laid down. I proceeded to have full body tremors/shaking all over. It was the absolute worse it's ever been. They were basically full on involunt
  11. Back in April 2019 I went to see the chiropractor because of my collar bones that kept grinding and felt misaligned due to an injury to them years ago. I saw the chiropractor 4-5 times and during those times he adjusted my collar bones as well as my neck because I was there anyways so why not? I cant say if it actually did anything to benefit the the alignment of my collarbones. In fact I would say it made it slightly worse as the grinding is ever more prominent now. Anyways during that month I noticed that I was increasingly getting exercise intolerant and having a pounding heart when t
  12. I also get this after taking a shower. I also think it has to do with the heat dilating the vessels and making them look more apparent. I have lots of issues with my veins dilating so it happens pretty often.
  13. No way I always used to watch the Wiggles when I was little. Had no idea that he has dysautonomia. Really glad that he's doing much better and that no complications happened. Hopefully more people will be aware of this condition through him.
  14. Yes I get really sharp pains in my heart as well. I can also get dull pains and burning pains too. If it only happens once and briefly I usually brush it off and don't think about it but its when they last a long time or keep coming back when I start to get worried. Most of the time the worry isn't needed though as heart attacks present differently. If you can pinpoint the location of the pain it's usually harmless. It's just the sheer uncomfort and pain that is worrying for me and what is really causing it. I also get really sharp pains right underneath my left ribcage away from my heart
  15. @Pistol Ahh okay didn't know that. Thanks for the info!
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