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  1. Interestingly hyper pots patients have the lowest blood volume according to a paper by Stewart and Medow (low flow variant) and a more recent one from Vanderbilt that showed salt loading in H POTS reduced norepinephrine levels more in H POTS than other forms. Dr Raj suggests that many POTS patients have characteristics of more than one presentation so perhaps its a spectrum rather than separate etiologies? Florinef made me jittery for 3 days then i felt amazing. More recently after 11 years and my first hyperadrenergic episode in nearly two decades i tapered hoping my weird vision might improve but it didnt.
  2. My flares are mostly just tachycardia amd a minor increase in standing bp that normalised after i started Florinef amd Midodrine Recently hoeever I had an intense hyperadrenergic crash with bps regularly sitting at 180/120 hr 138, etc amd my neuro wired me clonidine. I took a tiny fragment during an 8 hour adrenalin surge and my bp dropped to 79/57 within 10 minutes. Weirdly i felt no more dizzy, just less wired. Pots us strange
  3. Ive had this on and off for 17 years. Its weird and worse when i (used to) drink alcohol. Now in a very hyper flare i can see it all day long and its distorting my peripheral vision.
  4. Narrowing pulse pressure is a measure of reduced stroke volume and venous return
  5. Interesting that a calcium channel blocker helps. Any initial increase in dizziness or fatigue? Thanks
  6. Yes the adrenalin surges. Hadnt had them for a decade until this recent flare when they went bezerk. Four nights of 8 hours solid. Not the best time ive had. Beta blockers didnt really help. Valarian out of desperation and taurine maybe helped a little.
  7. When i first got sick anything that made me stress at all triggered insane hr increases
  8. The science however on etiologies and subtype-specific pathophysiologies is still not settled.
  9. These were catagories designed by Stewart and Medow to subtype based on cutaneous blood flow. The low flow subtype were almost exclusively female, generally had low body mass index, low blood volume and resting vasoconstriction but felt profoundly worse when given IV Vitamin C to improve flow-mediated dilation. These were asdociated with excessive angiotensin II in serum which more recently appears tied in some to autoantibodies agonising Angiotensin ii receptor type 1 (AT1-r) - MAS aabs suppress renin aldosterone which is believed to partially explain the volume deficits. High flow have excessive blood flow and microvascular filtration in hands and feet which were warm to touch. Normal flow was the most common and pooled exclusively in the stomach venous circulation. The resulys suggest that all three forms had pooling in one region.
  10. A lot of what you ar describing im experiencing in my latest flare (never had such severe brain fog in 17 years)
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