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  1. I did not have a hard time getting off of it that I recall. I did start taking it again though. I use it before riding my horse and before exercise. It has greatly reduced my heart rate during those times.
  2. Clonidine made me very drowsy and I was having problems staying awake at work. I don't work anymore so if I had to, I might consider trying it again but in January I started on a beta blocker (nadolol) and it has really worked wonders for me, brought heart rate and bp down and gave me better tolerance to exercise/ride.
  3. Miqual I have been saying EBV is the cause of ALL of my problems as this is how everything started. They FINALLY started me on antivirals last month after having ridiculosly high EBV levels since 2008! Please let me know what they find out about this N type antibody. Do you have severe flushing? Vertigo when you stop exercising? High NE??
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