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  1. i was told the same thing by my dys doc, that i was showing signs of diastolic dysfunction and that i needed to get my bp up. i am way on the low end of the scale. i haven't seen him since and that was 4 months ago. he is sick, and i won't see him again for at least another month or 2. but, i try not to worry about it. it showed it on my last ttt, which i thought looked "normal", but that's what he said. when and if i ever get to see him again, will ask what about this DD junk your laying on me. will come back and give info that i am given. sorry, you are going thru this.
  2. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so glad to hear she is doing fine. and everyone was prepared. thanks ernie for passing that along, as i have been worried about her. take it easy girl and get some rest, when you come home.
  3. sue, couldn't remember yesterday, but i think his name is (doc treating my doc) is dr. coghlan (sp) but he is either at uab or auburn. he might even be on the list. i see dr.t on the 30th i will ask him. he his really great at offering info like that. i don't know what part of louisiana your from but i know the drive can be anywhere from 8-3 1/2 hours. so my suggestion is that if you still want to come see him (dr.t) then make sure you are his 1st appt. even though he likes to do new patients in afternoon. that way you can know possibly before you leave if he is having probs. just trying to give as much info as i can for you to be able to way the pro's and con's.
  4. he is my doc and i love him to pieces. but maggie is right, that is a long way to go. and there is a possibility he will have to cancel. i live in the same town, so it is not a prob for me, as i have had to cancel on him, also. he was ahead of me, but not i think we are even. it is just hard being that he is sick himself. and i cut him slack for that. as i know how hard it is. he does a much education in our local area as possible, but as we know some just don't get it. personally, ohio is a long way to come from. isn't dr. grubb in ohio? i know he takes a while to get appt. w/ but have heard awesome things about his nurse bev. there is one doc in alabama ( i think), at the teaching hospital there. brain fog won't let me remember which one, but i think my dr's, dr's there.
  5. been praying and thinking of you for a while now. said a prayer 1st thing this a.m. when i woke up. i know you will do fine. take it easy afterwards.
  6. you have described me to a tee. even in the weight dept. it has been between 95 and 103F here and anytime i go into a building that has a/c i have to wear a jacket. i bring one w/ me everywhere. and the looks i get sitting outside the hospital on a bench w/ a jacket on in 103 degree weather. i also night sweat. i do not have an answer (as usual), but wanted you to know i am w/ you in your pain and suffering. take care of yourself and who cares what others think.
  7. hey, i didn't want to win. but i am glad your scheduled too. i will let you know morgan how smoothly everything goes. it is inpatient. hoping i will not have to stay overnight, as i am not a good patient. thanks for keeping up with this with me. i know it has been rough on you. and i appreciate your time. i am going to think positively that they are benign until i hear different. and yeah i have read of neoplastic ( i think that's what they call people prone to these things), and will make d*** sure i follow up if the y are not benign. take care morgan, until............ and thanks to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. just letting you know it was polyps and i am scheduled for the 26th of this month. wo who's winning?
  9. i tried my hubby's one time before i knew i had dys and i swear to bob i was passing out asleep w/i 15 min. and that's all i have to say about that.
  10. not last post morgan, cause your winning now, and I want to know how you are doing. you tell your sis that i am glad she has the means and the pushiness to do this for you. cause in my family i am hte one everyone comes to. and it is never an emergency such as this. AND, i want you to feel as lucky as you should that you have that sis. there are lots out there that don't. take care and (not allowed to curse) but you better let me know. i am in your boat too. and i don't want to sink. i am praying for you as well as my parents (told them about ya'), sandra
  11. not sure, much more people w/ brains here than i. but, i can tell you that i have OI and i do not pass out either. which totally freaks my specialists dys doc out. so if you do find out, please kepp us posted. as i have always wondered and so does doc why i don't pass out. 60/40 hr67, i should be on the ground, but i am not. just really tired. not much help other than i can say i don't pass out either. hope you find answers soon.
  12. where are you at w/ gallbladder morgan? are you winning? i bet you are. i am scheduled for another US to make sure it is a polyp. and w/ size and the fact that there is only one, malignancy predominates. so, after this next US, i guess i will be off to surgery. what was funny is, he asked me what i can't eat. well, w/ my busy life i have never sat down and said "oh, it must have been the ice cream i ate", so my answer was nothing spicy. i know dumb answer. but i always get brain frog when put on the spot. anyways, he says he doesn't think it will show the polyp again (cause they are rare). pray w/ me he is right. he asked if i could eat fried chicken and i told him i wasn't sure anything would stop me form eating that. he said if i have to have the surgery (which is mandatory if the polyp is still there) i would be eating fried chicken on the toilet. so in saying all this morgan, i hope you are having better luck than me. or at least i would like to know how you are and where you were at w/ it. taking care of yourself i hope.
  13. i have all visiual disturbances you described and then some you didn't. 1. feet, calfs, thighs, hands, face, stomach 2. yes 3. no, they can find a vein but it always blows out 4. no i wouldn't consider it anxiety, more of a highly over reactive sns 5. no 6. some are constant and some wax and wane 7. noticed mildly and then progressed.
  14. angel- i turn colors too. last night my8yr old said momma your left foot is blue. don't guess i will ever know. but if you find out on knees begging, please let me know. thnaks
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