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  1. ok laet me shed some light on some stuff hear about hair color and the rest. i have been a cosmetologist for over 20 yrs, i have owned my own salon for over 12 yrs. i have OI,NCS,POTS. legalities out of the way. one more this is just advice and not to be construed in any way of telling you specifically what to do. 1st- if you feel there has been a prob w/ hair color in the past, or any time you switch hair color, you should always do a patch test. which consists of swabbing the hair color on the inside of elbow area for 24 hrs. this id protocol for hair dressers. 2cd- if you are in a re
  2. i have posted about this on another forum. i also have this, it feels to me like blood is running down my legs or arms, wherever it decides to happen. i mean i literally have to look to see if it is blood even though i know it is actually to cold to be blood. don't know why. cannot give answers, can only chime in me too.
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