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  1. I only take it when I need it which is not very often. I noticed today that I got pretty bad headache after I took it. I think I got one the last time I took it a week ago.
  2. I think the metoprolol is giving me headaches. I use to take the brand name Toprol XL and I don't remember having this problem. How long do these types of drugs keep?
  3. Deep breathing never seems to have any effect on me when I am feeling anxious. I do take small doses of beta blocker and sometimes that helps. If I take too much I just get really tired. I will have to look into the valerian and skullcap.
  4. Thanks for the input and support. There is not much I can do about the stress. My life is in a transition phase between school and work. The stress is only going to increase from this point on. I have no family around and maybe one friend for support. I do have some gastric problems but nothing that has giving me a definitive diagnosis. I am under weight and have a limited diet. I did some online research on nervous stomach and ginger and pepppermint was recommended. The ginger didn't do anything and I found some mints with real peppermint oil. They may have helped a little. I am going to try
  5. I have a lot of stress and anxiety in my life at the moment. I don't know the exact triggers but I get a nervous feeling or what you might call "butterflies" in my stomach. Besides medication I am looking for something else that might help. I have done all kinds of deep breathing and even a little yoga and it is not working. I am wondering if there is some kind of food that might help. Looking for some suggestions or support.
  6. Thank you to everyone for the information on Dr Kinsella. I don't know if I really have a reason to go see a specialist other than being worried about my low weight. I don't think there is much i can do about it. I did find my records from Mayo Clinic and Dr Fealey recommended I take 10-15 grams of salt a day. I thought that was kind of high but he also recommended 2 liters of fluid a day. ' thanks again, bluesman
  7. I have been in the St. Louis area for a while but have not had much luck finding a doctor. I went to one regular doctor and he tried to discredit my entire diagnosis. I had my medical records from the Mayo Clinic and Birmingham from Dr. Watkins My weight has also dropped down to the lowest it has ever been. I don't know why because I don't feel that bad for someone with dysautonomia. My weight is so low it scares me. I had not weighed myself in a long time. I have a limited diet but I do eat. Does anybody know how we figure out how much salt we can have per day. I am looking back in my medica
  8. I agree with everybody else about Dr. Fealy. He did listen and he spent a lot of time with me. I wish I could see him again but my insurance will not pay for anything out of state. Good luck to you and I hope everything goes well.
  9. I hope you find some help. I know brain surgery sounds scary but I am sure they have come a long way. Best wishes to you.
  10. Thanks for the kind words and support. I am kind of a slow test taker because I am afraid I will zone out and miss some small detail. I had only a homemade salt tab and water for lunch Wednesday at school. I felt much better in the afternoon class. I did have some strange tingling in my chest and sometimes I feel it on my head.
  11. I was stuck in class just waiting to go home so I could warm up. I was taking deep breathes to try and calm myself. My stomach was hurting kind of like gas pains. Studying and being alone all the time it is easy to loose a sense of reality. Then I actually did loose my sense of reality. Back in the my world today and busy studying again. Thank you everyone.
  12. Thankks for the reply. I have never had an EEG. My hands were cold
  13. I moved away to go back to school months ago. Today I was sitting in class. My stomach was giving me trouble, I was cold (even though I had on several layers of clothes), and I was feeling totally disconnected from reality. I almost felt like I had a slight buzz. I am many miles from family and friends so that seemed to add to the strange feeling. I know people on DINET have experienced the same thing. It left me lonely and uncertain. It was almost like a dream because I was surrounded by people I have only known for a few months. I needed to express my feelings somewhere. Thanks for r
  14. Elfie If your mom is your closest ally tell her how you feel about moving home. Tell her what you want and need to be comfortable there. Then let her know how much it would mean to you to have her support. Nothing wrong in asking for help when you really need it.
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