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  1. First of all, I don't think they will prescribe it for you for grades falling off. You have to think about what you suffer from POTS and how Adderall will help relieve that symptom. Until a few months ago, I worked in medical and had a high enough position to be privy to daily med alerts, trends, issues with doctors etc. There is a HUGE crack down that is starting on "college drugs". There have been alot of doctors prescribing this purely for grades alone and it has caused a major problem because it is likely to be stolen, shared and is a sched I drug. A sched I drug is the most addictive d
  2. I only had dizziness because of taking ritalin. Then, I swapped it for Adderall and the dizziness went away. So- I don't know, sorry. Kits
  3. Thank You!!! You are so smart. Kits
  4. How does it help POTS if its a vasodilator? Wouldn't that shoot POTS all to heck? Does it work because it dilates, then the body over-reacts and vaso constricts past the base point? Don't get it. Kits
  5. I have been taking Clonidine for about a year now. The FDA approved use is to lower blood pressure. That said, if you're blood pressure is already low or normal- I don't think it does anything. I have not noticed low blood pressure with it. My Midodrine use has actually decreased. It does something unique in POTS patients. I don't understand it- but my brilliant doctor suddenly came up with it. He is constantly reading stuff about POTS. I know. I am really blessed. What it does for me is that it has decreased my morning nausea by about 80%. Wham Bam- very next day. It was incredible. W
  6. One of the most miserable aspects of POTS happens to me WHEN lying down- I call it static, but I think it is really adrenalin sickness. In fact, sometimes I cannot lay down. I can feel my body struggling with the change in position for 10-15 minutes and the struggle lessens if I can get back to a recliner. POTS is a dynamic impairment. A doctor that thinks that it all goes away when lying down doesn't realize the recumbent effects of the disease. That makes the complicated even more complex. Kits
  7. I wonder about this too because I lived in an apartment at the time of onset that had black mold in the bathroom- that was clearly showing. Who knows how much was back behind the wall. We called the health department, but they won't do anything. We've even thought about asking for a tour, then I would fake pregnancy bladder and run into the bathroom- where I would sample the paint, water, ceiling etc. I guess my mom and I get carried away. Oh yeah- if you left anything to drip dry- you would get a florescent yellow ring on everything. The whole place had a constant smell. These were very expe
  8. Patti and Steph, you replied to my nausea question and said that you had seen strange things happening with hunger. My Internal Med doc (who is working constantly to understand POTS) came across an article somewhere in a Journal that put forth the theory that POTS is cause by severe damage to the hypothalamus. And, it all makes sense..chills, hunger, nausea, no sweating, abnormal sweat tests, regulation of body systems etc. The more I read about the hypothalamus, the more these symptoms seem to make sense!
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