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  1. It wasn't as bad as i thought especially since she used the smaller speculum, i just didn't like sitting there naked in a room with a gown (btw it was a cloth one yippee). It takes me a long time to trust a doc so i didn't mention the urine thing maybe next time. oh well, one year down how many more to go lol.
  2. Well I am offically in the "woman club" of going to the gyno. You think with all the doctors i have been to talking to one would be easy. WRONG. The PA was super nice, just me nerves. And she used the virgin speculum ya whatever. I was uber tired tho since i got what four hours of sleep due to the fact that i was cramming it in for finals. SO im good for a year
  3. Thanks all. The leakage thing is something that i had since getting sick and i thought i would get better with time ten years not better so basically i think i need to have some kind of testing....
  4. Hi all, I have schedule my first gyn exam appointment. I made this appointment with a newer GYN office in town and not relying on my family doctor, for one he's a man and personally i would like a female and two i'm nervous as all get out. Yes im still breathing. What should i expect? One of my main questions is that i seem to have more bladder leakage (happens full or empty) and the urge to go ---i am thinking it's the POTS, but i'm not sure, anyone get this? I have never brought it up with my family doctor as im embrassed by this and i don't know what tests would be involved but nothing sounds fun. thanks!
  5. I have had a part time job since March and as of lately i think the stress is getting to me. When i started the boss wasn't there and the demand wasn't too high, yes there was stress but not as much as there is right now. Now that the owner/boss is back the stress is getting extremely high and it's causing my symptoms to go haywire. For the first time since i started i had to call in sick, the migraine that started yesterday after i got home never fully left. I feel guilty but im not the only one that wanted to quit yesterday so at least i know im not the only one in the boat, but before i quit i must find another job...which i have no clue what i could do. any tips on handling stress...
  6. Does anyone else have problems w/ bleach or even disinfectants? I have a part time job and they use a lot of bleach and disinfectants...it's an animal boarding place. I seem to get a headache more, sick to stomache and just general blah feeling after doing dishes and cleaning pens. Tips, ideas, should i just give a two week notice, i mean they do dishes AM and PM and of course cleaning the kennels both shifts. I like the job, but sometimes the boss can be a pain. I haven't told them about POTS either, they know i get migraines. susie
  7. Thanks guys, I think tommorow i will tell one of the co-workers, unless i chicken out. They know i have headaches and am on medication, but honestly my POTS symptoms haven't affected my work. I know my limits and try NOT to push past them. It's just im scared on how they will react, yes i look normal, but my body isn't. Susie
  8. Thanks, I do agree if i can handle the job, and plus there is NO stairs anywhere in the building. YAY! I won't say a thing, migraines is enough information for now. I don't want them to think I'm making excuses. Oh one more thing, if they ask if i want to work more on the one day but i don't feel well enough, how you do handle it? I want to say, "I would love to but I need to get home for something" would that be okay to say. Currently I work from 2 days a week to four, which isn't bad, mornings are rough tho....i love afternoons. Susie
  9. I have never passed out, I get dizzy and fall down sometimes, but that hasn't happened since July 06, so im not too worried. Maybe in time once i get to know them more, and i have been there more than a week, i will start to open up more. I just don't want to screw this job up, it's not the best job in the world but i love it already. thanks guys susie
  10. I have not told anyone yet, just that i was home tutored thru HS, for a chronic illness, to which i said "I'm recovering". I did NOT go into details and probably won't. The one co-worker trys to blame others for her mistakes and the owner won't fire her, altho her son tired to when she was in TX. I just keep busy, do what i'm told, and don't agrue. I wear a medicalert bracelet. thanks susie
  11. Hi all, I started a part time job, most i work in a day is 6 hrs, like three or four times a week. I haven't told anyone of the POTS/NCS/OI issues, just that i get migraines and daily headaches. How do you approach a topic like what may happen and what to do? I don't pass out, thank goodness but i do get dizzy a lot. I'm testing the waters to see if i can work, ect. The owner isn't back from TX, i have never met her. I work with four to five different people. Somedays i will be alone in the back while the other gal is up at the desk, which I move at my own pace and of course there is plenty of places to sit down. I don't want them to freak out when i tell them but i don't want them to freak out if something happened (heaven forbid). Tips? thanks susie
  12. Thank you! ON the resume itself it just has my experiences, skills, education. Nothing about my illness, it's me on a sheet of paper. Yes somedays it's 12 hr days in the barn altho those are few and far between but it does happen. How can you not be in the barn w/ little goaties and not stay there and just cuddle them? keep the advice coming... susie
  13. Okay after trying to think about where to post this i'm just gonna post here if it needs moved, feel free to do so. I have been feeling a little better (still symptomatic) but mostly i need the money so i'm looking for a job, part time. I have never been employed before, so i have no real "experiences". I do have a lot of volunteer stuff which is on the resume. My main question is how do you tell them about being chronically ill? I mean i don't want to scare them but don't want to be in the dark either. It's a touchy subject. I was looking into one job but after hearing all i would have to do i decided againest it and the pay wasn't even worth it. If anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated. thanks susie
  14. I felt like that on cymbalta....i went off it, trying lyrica.
  15. Just wondering if anyone has tried lyrica, this med was suggested for my headaches/migraines. I was wondering if anyone had side effects, good reports, ect. thanks susie
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