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  1. I was at my worst during perimenopause because of lower blood volume. I got much better when periods stopped.
  2. Fainting is clearly a case for disability. I think your Dr. may have to suspend your drivers license is you go that route though. good luck
  3. I had alot of problems- fainting , seizures and unable to stand- but got better after menopause. The Dr. did find a med that helped me also. I do not have POTS tho. I have OH and NCS. The med is Norpace. good luck
  4. I am on Norpace which effects the Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors, and that is why it works for me.
  5. this is what I meant........... "Countermaneuvers can help to decrease symptoms by lessening the amount of blood that pools in one's legs. Useful countermaneuvers include: standing with your legs crossed, sitting in a low chair, sitting in the knee to chest position, leaning forward with your hands on your knees when sitting and tightening the buttocks, thigh and leg muscles when standing (particularly when standing for any length of time). Research shows that tensing the leg muscles while standing enhances brain blood flow and reduces sympathetic activity (van Lieshout Pott, Madsen, van Goudo
  6. I sure have had what you describe, I think you POTSIE'S go up and down in BP. I have NCS and OH so I go down and down. My best freinds to ward that off are compression stockings , salt and water. There are aroebic compensitory movements that can help. I forget the proper term. Someone will know. Anyway learn them and use them. For example, running in place- it will bring the BP up. good luck
  7. hi ,I have NCS so it may play out different. My bp was always 0/p, 0 over palpable. To low for the machine.
  8. Hi I'm afraid you can't be sure if you pass iout or have a seizure. If you collaspe and no one is witness- you just don't know. Did you know about the activity the Dr. reported to you during your TTT? There are certain presentations of Elipectic seziure verses cerebral hypoxia. One increases in presentation then stops ,one trails off. The way you arch your back (every detail) matters. Dr. Grubb has descibed this in one of his books. I have had lots of seizures from lack of blood to the brain and I was dxed with Elipesy at first. Every time ,I think I do not go ,out but I do. BTW minor lim
  9. Mine too. 4 of them, but NCS not POTS.
  10. your pharmacist would be a good person to call. I got headaches, but had High BP (144/90) with them and was taken off the florinef. It was several days before that happened - with me.
  11. formication is caused by a few things, menopause being an important one. "for-m&-'kĀ-sh&n noun an abnormal sensation resembling that made by insects creeping in or on the skin
  12. "and individuals with transient reductions in blood volume such as those that occur after a brisk diuresis " http://cme-online.med.upenn.edu/html/files...c%20Syncope.htm you need to have salt and liquids inbalance other wise we pee too much and loss blood volume. I think!
  13. you should be able to darn it since its in the heal. I darn mine at any spots, when you do that the area won't stretch and you have to refrain from pulling (to stretch) it at that spot. My repairs have always held. I use regular thread. The other might be better. Maybe you could call the manufacturer? You can find darning instructions are on-line. if you need it.
  14. this is off a "Healthline" website "exposure to the cold causes the fingers, toes, ears or nose to become white, due to a lack of blood flow in the area. They then turn blue, which is a result of tiny blood vessels dilating to allow more blood to remain in the tissues. When the flow of blood returns, the area becomes red and then later returns to normal color."
  15. Hi Deucykub, Thanks for the reply. I did see RA Dr. Funny thing is I test positive for RA have abnormal sed rate and ANA, but don't have RA. (because my joints are normal) I was tested for "all" the other autoimmune conditions that they have tests for. Negative. My fingers don't go white or red- as with Raynauds. The go blue and are extremly hypersensitive to touch- but Ice feels good. So far episodes are brief and easy to manage. I would like to know what it is tho and surf around from time to time if something "rings a bell" like what you descibed.
  16. Deucykub, Is it painfully hypersensitive to touch and relieved by ice? My fingers and toes do this.
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