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  1. Yeah - and those three are just the SNRIs. The SSRIs just touch mainly serotonin, but they may have minor affinities for other neurotransmitters depending on the drug. For me, I was lucky enough to take Wellbutrin (dopamine/norepi), Cymbalta (serotonin/norepi), and Seroquel (serotonin among others). Having those three at separate times made me aware that for my personal neurochemistry norepinephrine really promotes insomnia, bruxism (grinding teeth), and jaw locking, and that serotonin dramatically worsens my palinopsia (eye tracer afterimages). So now I know what to expect when I go on a n
  2. Depends on the med - Wellbutrin boosts dopamine and norepinephrine, Cymbalta boosts serotonin and norepinephrine, Savella does norepinephrine and serotonin but it is more strongly norepinephrine-affecting than Cymbalta.
  3. Hunh - my eyes do the weird thing (I think this is linked to occasional eye blurring, not sure), but the antibody test from Mayo was negative. But I hear that Ab tests can be negative despite symptoms :^) I get serious sensory overload in conjunction with spaciness (my #1 symptom) - especially crowds of people (motion is bad, but movies etc are okay for some reason). Airports are terrible (esp if they're boarding the gate next to yours and you're sitting nearby), I have to leave home for class 15 minutes early to miss the inter-class rush, crowded stuff requires me to be led by the hand to g
  4. Had severe fatigue with atenolol - I thought it was the POTS until I stopped the atenolol and suddenly was - shocking! - less tired! The propranolol (a less selective beta blocker) is causing no obvious fatigue, which is amazing.
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