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  1. I had my first tilt table test this morning and ended up getting the Isuprel and nothing happened so they said I had a negative result. The only thing they noticed were some strange heart waves, P waves. Other than that, my symptoms were numbness in my lower legs and very MINOR lightheadedness. Normally when my blood pressure is checked it is low. I was very anxious for this test so my blood pressure was normal, OF COURSE! Just my luck! Is it normal to a saline IV during this test? I was thinking this could increase blood volume and get in the way of the test results. I'm wondering if th
  2. I will post when I see him, I'm not supposed to see him for a few weeks but I'm going to try to get in earlier.
  3. Interesting, I will ask my doctor when I see him.
  4. I have always had trouble with alcohol. When I drink I often have breathing issues, my chest gets heavy, almost like I have an allergic reaction. I also am sensitive to alcohol in that I feel it immediately when I take the first few sips, get tingly sensations in my head and arms/legs, always thought this was weird. Is this connected to POTS? What is a mast cell disorder? Where can I find out more info on this?
  5. Funny you mention this, I have a type of neck pain from time to time, not sure what it is, but I just had it start again about 30 min. ago. I think I've had it on both sides of my neck before but right now it's on the front right side, it's just above my collar bone at that indentation and when I breathe in there is a moderately sharp pain that shoots up my neck from that point, it shoots only a couple of inches or so. Is this what you are talking about? I have always wondered what this is but have never remembered to mention it to my dr.
  6. Thank you all for your very kind and reassuring words! It's amazing how much better I feel just by hearing about your experiences and telling me all will be ok. I will remember those words as I go in for my test...I must say I've been so nervous I've thought of canceling, obviously I have some anxiety issues!! I guess sometimes I wonder about going through with this b/c I do not have any history of fainting. My only symptoms that started me wondering about POTS are low blood pressure, becoming dizzy or lightheaded when I stand up after lying down or bending over, etc. Those are symptoms I
  7. Hi, I'm going for my first tilt table test on Tuesday next week and I'm very nervous! I'm feeling better about the first part of the test but the second part of the test includes giving me a drug called Isuprel via IV to speed my heart up to see if I faint. I'm worried about this because I'm very sensitive to medications and am worried about having a reaction to it, especially related to my breathing. I'm also concerned because I have SVT, MVP and PVCs and wonder if a drug like this is safe to give to someone like me with these conditions. Any advice? Another concern I have is I heard of
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