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  1. Naomi, There isn't really all that much to tell about my liver enzyme deficiency. If you go to the web site it will tell you all you need to know. When I took the test it was still in it's testing mode. Now that it has been established some insurance will pay to have this testing done. What's really nice is I have an assigned doctor and I give her a call when they want me to try something new, and she checks my chart and tells me if I can take it or not. They only do pharm drugs no herbals or vitamens, so I'm instructed not to take any of those because we don't know how it is metabolized.
  2. I also have a drug sensitive response. I followed up on a report I saw on a news station. If you go to www.pgxlab.com it will show you how to get your dna tested for this problem. I have a liver enzyme deficiency, so any drug or herbal that metabolizes in that enzyme is stronger then the dosage states and lasts longer. Now I have a copy of all the drugs that I can not use and that has relieved many of my problems with meds. Hope this helps. Maggie
  3. Thanks for the update on your daughter's exercise program. I hope she will be feeling better soon and is able to get back to a routine. Maggie
  4. I'm sorry to read that your daughter is having other health issues other then pots. I'm sorry to change to subject, but I was wondering how your daughter is doing with Dr. Levine's exercise protocol. I know you can't explain what type of exercise she is doing, but I was very curious as to how that is going. Would you mind sharing that here with us? Maggie
  5. I alsp have high cortisol levels. Mine was dx with just a blood draw first thing in the morning. Each time I have had mine tested I'm still high. I take an herbal to help lower it. Maggie
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