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  1. that just *****. =( my marriage is on the rocks, not entirely due to POTS but a large part. I have decided I would just rather deal with this alone than to have to rely on a man to help me. Chin up, buttercup!! Know that it isnt YOU its this stupid disease =( .. Relaying to your sn.. are you in Colorado or just a fan?
  2. I have horrible night sweats all the time. I sleep with a box fan pointed directly on me on high, my ceiling fan on high, as little clothes as possible (I find t shirts disgusting cause I soak through them so I wear spaghetti straps), I take a cool shower and go to bed with my hair in a wet bun, and sometimes even wrap large ice packs in a thin towel and place them on my legs, stomach, and forehead. All these have helped quite a bit. I hope you get some relief soon.
  3. My cardiologist mentioned Fibromyalgia, but said I needed to have that diagnosed by my primary. I have an appt next week. Just curious.. how many of you suffer from Fibromyalgia as well? What do you do for treatment?
  4. thanks everybody! I will def be looking into these options =)
  5. I have found I have a hard time controlling my body temperature. I know most have problems with the heat.. but when I get overheated, I start running a fever. If I get too cold (which is rather rare) then my body temp drops. Do any of you have this problem?? Also, for those who have used cooling vests.. which brand and type do you recommend?
  6. I also have problems swallowing.. its like for 3 months or so I can swallow up to like 5 pills at once, then all the sudden for a few more months I cant even swallow one. Its rather odd. I recently had an endoscopy because of it, although havent gotten results yet. So I am absolutely not help. But know your not alone!!! =)
  7. I have taken Topomax on 2 different occasions (about 10 years apart) and have had to stop it because the side effects were so awful. My forgetfulness was absolutely ridiculous.. I would be driving somewhere, then all the sudden forget where I was goin. It was rather scary. Another horrible side effect was the tingling in my hands and feet. It would get so bad I would cry. I have had Complex Migraine Disorder for 8 years now and although Topomax did help with the migraines, it just wasnt worth the side effects. I was on in after being diagnosed with POTS but didnt notice any changes in the POTS symptoms.
  8. I just reread what I wrote, and it sounds like I was saying yours is ugly! not at all, I love yours, I was agreeing that all the other hr monitor watches are ugly. Just wanted to make sure that was clear lol. If you wouldnt mind saying where you got it and how much id appreciate it!
  9. What kind is it? I have been looking into getting one, but i agree, ugly! Also how much was ur james avery id bracelet??
  10. gained over 100 pounds in one year =(
  11. welcome to the board. there are some amazing people here. I am a "newbie" myself but have found it to be very helpful. Where in TX are you? I am originally from Dallas area but am currently living in CO. I completely feel you on the wheelchair issue, we have started the long journey of deciding to get one or not. I am sorry your family isnt more understanding. I hope you find relief from your symptoms soon and can get your doctor situation solved.
  12. This is my 4th colonoscopy.. but first with POTS. I might request general instead of twilight (I have woken in the middle twice, blah) I believe mine is in an outpatient clinic but within walking distance to the hospital. I will def be wearing compression hose. Thank you!
  13. I am not a big fan of salt or sports drinks (***** for me huh?) What are you favorite high sodium foods? Anyone have any good recipes that actually taste good with lots of salt? I also read that for those who have lots of pain with POTS should avoid MSG. Is there anything else yall cut out of your diet to help? I have gained over 100 pounds since POTS (wish I would have gone the other way!).. any tips for losing the weight since exercise is practically a no go for me?
  14. I recently asked my cardiologist if I should go in when I pass out and he said theres really no reason to since nobody will "know what to do with me". I havent passed out in several months, but for about 3 months I was passing out nightly. I could be out anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours. I dont really feel comfortable with not going in, just follow your gut. Maybe get an at home bp and hr monitor so when your out someone can record your stats. Stay strong hun, syncope is one of the most scariest things I have ever experienced and I know its scary for those around us.
  15. I am having my colonoscopy in a few weeks. I have read before that anesthesia can really mess with POTS symptoms. Any advice? I am pretty nervous about it as this will be my first time "under" since I developed POTS.
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