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  1. I'm so very sorry to log on tonight and read about your loss of your dear dog. When we are sick they bond with us in a very unique way. My boy saved my life one night when the line from my port's iv severed and I was bleeding out all over my bed room floor in the middle of the night. I was sound asleep, but he wouldn't Stop barking till I woke I saw what was going on. There is a wonderful video online called the rainbow bridge. Grab a bunch of tissues and watch it. It's beautiful, but will make you cry good tears knowing one day you will meet again. I wish I coulld find a man who could love
  2. Thanks for your support, the doc wants me to start using the picc and next week we will put in a new port on the other side. I have loved using the port, especially after I was trainned to do my own dressings. : )
  3. I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I hope you find some peace and comfort in knowing their are people who care for you.
  4. update Sept 2014, had port taken out, as there was a hole in my skin above my port that was not getting any smaller. Two weeks ago when they pulled the port, they put in a picc line. It looked like a smoldering infection going on. i was told that my power port only lasted 3 years anyway and was time to come out. one week later the hole won't heal and I'm bleeding. there is a hematoma in there. : ( I had it checked again when i was having the picc dressing changed. My left arm is all swollen and hurts, and my left leg too. Ultra sound shows I now have a blood clot in my arm. I'm now taking b
  5. I spent many years going to an infusion clinic first for one day, then two days, then three days. Slowly working up the fluids,I wanted it to go in faster... but was told it was slow so I wouldn't go into congestive heart failure. It went in very slowly over many hours and I would spend the whole day at the clinic. After building up to 2 ltrs. three times a week, I would be exhausted from my trips back and for the to the hospital and I was also losing venous access. Years later, I had 2 picc lines put in, as one got infected. I started daily 2 ltr. home infusion therapy over 12 hours. Soon I n
  6. Good Luck sweet one. I have been unable to to serve several times due to medical. they have been very understanding. So don't worry anymore about it.
  7. I'm so sorry that your dog was sick and passed away. I lost my other dog of 15 years and it broke my heart. She would lay on the stairs till I would come home from the hospital. Boy, did I love that little girl! She was one wonderful therapy dog for my whole family! She still brings a tear to my eyes when I think of her.
  8. Shakey, My heart goes out to you ...big hugs to you. I have had many pets over the years. My dog senses many things about me. Recently I've been keeping him off the bed, as my nerve pain is so bad. He often finds a way when my BP is too low and lays on me as if it gives me more pressure. The other day he got caught up on my iv line and my port line got torn out. We were both traumatized. No more dog on the bed anymore. Sometimes I feel like I should give him away, so he could have a life where he could be taken out to run and run. He also has a Neuro disorder. I have cried and as he has seized
  9. Rich I had a problem sending you a large message. Is your mailbox full? I wanted to sent you a list of Boston docs that you might like. I also had some questions for you and news about IVIG coverage. I hope you are doing well. Drop me a line and I'll send you the info. Hope it will work this way.
  10. My doc sent me to him as he thought he might want to write an medical journal on my case. I gave him two chances. Personally, I need a doctor who will spend more time with me. My cardio is the best is MA and sends me everywhere in MGH for testing. You might like to see him. I'll send you a pm.
  11. Robert, All your had me rotfl, and after the week we have had here in Boston, I'll tell you this post reminds me how we all need more laughter in our lives... Thanks for bringing this post back up and welcome to the forum.. I have some new ones to add: You know you have pots when you fall going up the stairs... You have so many black and blues you could play connect the dots... When you have to have foam padding in your bathroom on the vanity so when you faint in the night you won't get hurt... You have note everywhere reminding you to get up slowly!!! You have your smart phone programm
  12. Here's a few things garlic, onions, olives, hawthorn, alcohol ( too much will raise ), turmeric, ginger, Passion flower, mayflower, stevia, dark chocolate, potatoes, soybeans, skullcap, magnesium, coQ10, potassium, cardamon and there are more ... Just look online right now my dog has to go out. Hope this helps. : )
  13. I also find fish oil that I have to take drops mine.
  14. I will never put color chemicals on my hair again...I used to feel terrible because I was brain washed that blondes had more fun...I don't call this fun! I have naturally beautiful hair that is just fine without the color now. Woman now are embracing their grey hair...I give them more power : ) I think they look great. Why is it men can have grey hair and they look distinguished, but their is more pressure on woman to color their hair? Also,if you read about coloring your hair, it will tell you how those chemicals are going all over your body. Most woman color their hair in the shower. I also
  15. Mike, Have you tried when sitting to drink 16 oz of water fast. You could take a salt tab with it or you could add sea salt to the water. I preferred that to the florinef and the miodrine. They both made my migraines worse. I'm wondering if your not pushing enough water in general. I would keep searching low blood pressure laying and sitting on the internet for more answers. Did you have a tilt table test? Keep us posted Mike and I wish you the very best... : )
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