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  1. Thanks for your support, the doc wants me to start using the picc and next week we will put in a new port on the other side. I have loved using the port, especially after I was trainned to do my own dressings. : )
  2. update Sept 2014, had port taken out, as there was a hole in my skin above my port that was not getting any smaller. Two weeks ago when they pulled the port, they put in a picc line. It looked like a smoldering infection going on. i was told that my power port only lasted 3 years anyway and was time to come out. one week later the hole won't heal and I'm bleeding. there is a hematoma in there. : ( I had it checked again when i was having the picc dressing changed. My left arm is all swollen and hurts, and my left leg too. Ultra sound shows I now have a blood clot in my arm. I'm now taking b
  3. Robert, All your had me rotfl, and after the week we have had here in Boston, I'll tell you this post reminds me how we all need more laughter in our lives... Thanks for bringing this post back up and welcome to the forum.. I have some new ones to add: You know you have pots when you fall going up the stairs... You have so many black and blues you could play connect the dots... When you have to have foam padding in your bathroom on the vanity so when you faint in the night you won't get hurt... You have note everywhere reminding you to get up slowly!!! You have your smart phone programm
  4. Kayla was wondering how long the power ports last...Mine has been x-rayed to check that it hadn't become broken from line. If you search the internet for bard power port, you will get their questions and answers. Here is a forum where they are talking about use and lifespan of ports.There's lots of information about the port on line. https://www.inspire.com/groups/advanced-breast-cancer/discussion/should-i-get-a-port-central-venous-access/ Just search around and if you are are needing one read up and become educated about them. I learned from the nurses in the IV infusion clinic before hand. I
  5. Hi Elegiamore ~ I also have a friend who almost died from her port..that is why I fought tooth and nail and used up all my veins for 4 1/2 years till it was a must. Is your port a bard power port? Another thing is my insurance won't pay for the BARD needle sets. When I end up in the ER to unclog my port they use the bard needle set. When I questioned why I don't get this set, I got the insurance response. I was told why would they use anything else at the ER. So, I noticed that the bard needle infusion set was tiny compared to the Churchill medical systems Lifeguard Non-Coloring Safety Infus
  6. You are so sweet.... thanks..... I do understand what you mean though. Mine hurts too, but some weeks mine is hard to access ~ Lets think no pain ever
  7. I'm so sorry so your pain and worry. I HAVE THE BARD POWER PORT and it hurts me too. It didn't hurt at all at first. Then, Each week became so painful. I figured out the placement was in a fibro trigger point. Everyone agreed. The dr orded emla cream (lidocaine cream), to put on 30 mins with a clear dressing over it before the new needle is inserted. IT HAS CUT WAY DOWN ON THE PAIN of when the needle goes in and after. For me it's like one nerve sets off the next nerve and now I'm tense, because I'm expecting pain and maybe 3 needle tries. SO, I do tense my shoulders and get pain. Do you wear
  8. How A D O R A B L E ~ I LOVE kids. I'm one who never grew up ~ lol How are all my friends today? x's bellamia ~
  9. I love watching babies of all kinds in the wild ~ I think I have a nest building in my air conditioner as I type ~ I've had baby bunnies in my flower bucket by my back door and thought they were little potatoes ~ I love mother nature ~ I love all wild animal cams ~ Bellamia ~
  10. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/page.aspx?pid=2433 I like doing this ~ Hope you do too ! ; )
  11. I had fun helping you ~ LET me know when you find out where it goes my friend ~ It must be link ~ lol
  12. where are you trying to put the link? in which icon? Bellamia ~
  13. The link that got emailed out goes to the pic ~What a beautiful couple :) ~
  14. Anything with my family is a precious gift these days~Making Memories can be as simple as a phone call, video chat, a visit, a day out to sleep over with the kids, an art party, laying down and telling stories, learning new things from my kids, and always l@@king for the gift in everyday. I used to be an aerobic teacher and now it's been years since I've been able to even go apple picking, on vacation with my family. The ocean is a place I love, and the sun is my enemy now that docs have figured out what is wrong with me. Life has changed, slowly to a place I thought I would never be~ Little
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