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  1. Thank you everyone for your input, advice, and other non-gatorade alternatives. Thanks Sophia for that clarification. I think maybe I won't discard the gatorade, I think I just won't drink as much in one day. I like the idea of diluting it and having it with a salty snack...so I will give that a try. It's true...what works for some doesn't work for others...like must things with us Potsy people, it's trial and error!
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah, I don't know either. I didn't drink it too fast...or at least I don't think so, it was drank over a 5 hour period. I guess it could be the sugar, but I have had other sugar stuff with no effects. Very curious. I guess it's possible that is was just a coincidence. But it happened after every time that I drank some of it (yeah, I know...so why did I continue over 5 hours. LOL. I was at work and needed the fluids). I don't care for Propel, it has a fake like flavor to me. I have had the glacieu vitamin water which has vitamins and electrolytes, but it's kinda pricey for water
  3. Hi All. So, I admit, I am TERRIBLE at keeping myself pumped full of fluids. Mainly because time gets away from me, and because I pee more often than any pregnant woman I know! Anyhow, I decided to drink lots of gatorade today (I usually only drink like 8-16 oz of gatorade and then water or tea for the rest of my fluids). But today I drank 32 oz of gatorade and it made me really lightheaded and dizzy. It was very odd. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Do you think it was an electrolyte overload and I got imbalanced? I drink more fluids when they are flavored, but I am worried about tr
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